Franchise Opportunities for Veterans

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The Benefits of Veteran-Friendly Franchises

Veterans have served our country with honor and selflessness for the sake of preserving freedom. But after leaving the service, it can be difficult to transition back into civilian life and settle into a new career. PostNet, as well as many other franchise companies, offer assistance to veterans interested in pursuing a life in entrepreneurship after their military service. As one of the top franchise opportunities for military veterans, we take great responsibility in being a positive part of their transition. Read on to learn more about a few of the factors that make franchising and franchising with PostNet an attractive opportunity for veterans.


Financial Incentive for Veterans

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To help attract veterans to join their ranks, many franchisors offer financial incentives. For example, PostNet offers a veteran franchise discount, which amounts to 35% discount off the initial franchise fee. That’s a savings of $12,250!
What’s in it for the franchisor to offer these financial incentives? Many, like PostNet, see it as a way of expressing gratitude for our veterans’ service. Additionally, veterans have proven to be great entrepreneurs. According to a VetFran poll, 97% of franchisors identify veterans as “excellent franchisees.”
The organization VetFran, a branch of the International Franchise Association, is a great resource to search for veterans’ discounts on franchises, low-cost franchise opportunities for veterans, and other helpful information. PostNet is proud to be a member of VetFran!


Applying Valuable Skills

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If you’re a veteran, you may not know it, but you already possess many crucial skills that can apply to your career in entrepreneurship! Leadership skills, level-headedness, and the ability to work effectively in a team are highly important for business owners. Additionally, being goal-oriented and disciplined are valuable traits that many veterans pick up during their time in the military.

Many veterans leave their careers with a desire to continue being their own boss, veteran-friendly franchises offer that opportunity for them. Companies that support veterans and offer opportunities for franchising will receive well-rounded leaders who possess discipline, perseverance, problem-solving skills, organizational skills, and teamwork experience from their time serving in the military.

Ken Rodes, a former Signal Officer in the U.S. Army who now owns a PostNet franchise in Davidson, NC, says, “Opening a PostNet was perfect for me as a veteran. Attention to detail, a can-do attitude, and a willingness to serve all lend themselves well to my new career.”


Support From a Franchisor

You don’t need a background in business to excel as a franchise owner. The beauty of franchising is that you’re never on your own. Franchise organizations already have many key aspects of the business figured out for you — products and services, vendor partners, branding, etc. Aside from being a member of VetFran, many franchisors, including PostNet, provide marketing plans and pricing guidance to remove the guesswork. We’re a convenient option, we get the job done quickly, we provide top-notch customer service, and we drop everything to provide accessible support from HQ and fellow franchisees, but most importantly, we are personable. We get to know each other and our customers on a first-name basis. With PostNet backing your new business venture, franchise owners are free to focus on the parts of running the business that comes naturally to them — managing and motivating staff, networking with community members, and being a great leader.


Find Renewed Purpose

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Once a veteran is no longer in active military service, finding a new sense of purpose can be one of the most difficult parts of re-acclimating to civilian life. Serving one’s country provides meaning and drive to a military member’s day-to-day routines, and it can be tough to replace that. Becoming an entrepreneur at a veteran-friendly franchise can help, particularly in a business like PostNet that’s focused on serving communities and empowering others.

As Rodes put it, “Solving problems and being a go-to person helped me regain a sense of purpose, drive, and service that I felt were missing after leaving the military.”


Are you a veteran? Do you like the idea of embarking on a new career in business that will allow you to utilize your skillset, support your community, and live a flexible lifestyle? We’d love to have you in our family. Reach out today to learn more about opportunities with PostNet!


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