Why Print is Big Business in a Digital World

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In our increasingly digital world, the future of print may look gloomy. However, industry trends indicate that in reality, print is here to stay — and 2019 is a great time to open a printing franchise. Currently, print is driving around $170 billion in annual sales, and is predicted to continue growing steadily.1


Businesses Depend on Print Products

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Though many of our activities have become more digitally based, we still live in the real world — and businesses still depend on tangible, printed items to brand and market their goods. Labeling and printed packaging help inform the consumer what they’re buying and who manufactured it. Particularly for small businesses, consistent branding is essential to developing recognition and building loyal customers.

Similarly, signage and printed marketing materials help people locate shops and connect with the services they need. Though the internet presents rich opportunities for marketing, print-based tactics like distributing flyers and door hangers, displaying yard signs and banners, and mailing postcards are still some of the best ways to get a message noticed. In fact, direct mail is growing more and more effective as the overall volume of mail decreases, making it easier for marketing mailpieces to stand out.


Print Provides the Personal Touch

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Email, social media, and other technology may have replaced many of our old ways of keeping in touch with one another, but for special occasions, nothing can take the place of printed stationery. Wedding invitations, thank you notes, and greeting cards are just a few examples of sentimental pieces that are unlikely to ever disappear from our culture. Everyone knows that it takes much more effort to select a card, personalize it, handwrite a message and put it in the mail compared to simply sending off an email. That effort — as well as the resulting keepsake of the card, invitation or note — is deeply appreciated by the recipient.


What About Online Print Retailers?

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When businesses and individuals require print products, it’s true that there are a large number of online retailers they can turn to. However, there is still a huge demand for brick and mortar print suppliers. Online retailers often offer only a limited number of options when it comes to customization, while the sky’s the limit for a print service provider with an in-house graphic designer.

Additionally, printing can be complicated, and most people don’t know where to start when making decisions about bleeds, paper stock, coatings, and additional options like foil or spot UV treatment. Consulting face to face with a print expert is ideal for customers to find the best, most economical way to bring their vision to life. Being able to see and touch samples in person is the only way to viscerally understand exactly what your finished product will look and feel like.

The key to operating a successful print franchise is convenience. By offering a wide range of products, along with friendly, expert advice and thoughtful consultation, PostNet provides an experience that online retailers can’t compete with. Not to mention, local businesses can offer a much faster turnaround than an online-based printer whose production facilities may be located on the other side of the country.

If you have an interest in printing, an entrepreneurial spirit and an enthusiasm for helping individuals and small business owners find the perfect solution to meet their needs, opening a PostNet could be the perfect franchise opportunity for you! Capitalize on the potential the print industry presents and learn more about opening your own PostNet today.


1According to the Printing Industries of America’s 2019 State of the Industry report.


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