3 Reasons to Open a PostNet Franchise in 2017

The nation’s premier printing, marketing and shipping franchise is poised for a bright new year of rapid national expansion

With the holiday season fast approaching, our thoughts turn more and more to how we can make the new year even brighter than the last. For many, realizing their dreams of entrepreneurship will be at the top of their New Year’s resolutions lists. With the economy steadily and consistently recovering, 2017 is going to be another year where millions of people decide to leave careers and carve out futures of their own making by becoming small business owners. If you’re reading this, chances are that you share this dream and desire to put your hard-won experience, leadership skills and values towards a new future for yourself and your family, where you can dream bigger and better.

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As the nation’s leading printing, marketing and shipping franchise, PostNet is the proven brand that hundreds of entrepreneurs have chosen to turn their dreams of small business ownership into a reality. PostNet is known for providing customized print, marketing and shipping solutions to the 28 million small businesses in the United States and millions more around the globe. Since entering the marketplace in 1992, PostNet has grown to nearly 700 locations across 10 countries, close to 250 of which are in the United States. PostNet is actively seeking entrepreneurs who are passionate about supporting the growth of small businesses to join us as we ramp up for nationwide expansion.

“There has never been a more exciting time to franchise with PostNet,” says Steve Greenbaum, CEO and co-founder of PostNet. “In our nearly 25 years as a franchisor, PostNet has never been more competitive than we are now. We’ve successfully evolved our business model to meet the relevant needs of consumers in the new economy, becoming a true local partner to small businesses. At the end of the day, we are in business to help other businesses succeed. The reality is, most small business owners have a lot on their plates, and that’s where we come in. Our franchisees provide a full range of back-office solutions — from design to distribution — that support their business and marketing objectives.”

The industry has taken notice of PostNet’s continued ability to deliver a successful business year in and year out. In 2016, PostNet was named a best-bet investment by Franchise Direct, Franchise Gator, Franchise Times and Entrepreneur magazine, who has included PostNet on their prestigious Franchise 500 list every single year we’ve been in business.

Here are three reasons why 2017 should be the year you franchise with PostNet:

PostNet’s ‘bricks and clicks’ model increases the potential for profitability by leveraging technology

After nearly 25 years as a successful franchise system, PostNet has remained on the cutting edge by evolving the business model alongside consumer needs and technology. With Forbes reporting that approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month, small businesses rely on PostNet’s ability to offer a full menu of services, including graphic design, full-service digital printing, direct mail, signage, document binding and finishing, and ancillary business services, like private mailbox rental and more. Unlike traditional postal and mailbox franchises, PostNet has strategic partnerships with all of the major logistics companies — UPS, FedEx, U.S. Postal Service and DHL — offering a multi-carrier selection, coupled with in-center professional packaging services to meet the shipping needs of our customers.

PostNet’s Creative Café helps provide ideas and inspiration for small business owners who are looking for ways to market themselves.

In addition to having a brick-and-mortar storefront in the community, our innovative Online Print Center platform allows our franchise owners to have a digital storefront, making it easy and convenient for customers to order and reorder printing jobs, 24/7. Once a client relationship is established, franchise owners create individual digital profiles for their clients, which store client materials and make them accessible to edit or re-order. The clients have access to their materials, which incentivizes repeat business.

“We’ve been in franchising for a long time, and we’ve worked hard to establish a business model that evolves over time to keep our brand relevant and to keep our franchise owners in profitable businesses,” says Brian Spindel, President and co-founder of PostNet. “I like that our industry is full of competition, not only because it shows that there is a constant demand for our services, but also because PostNet has been able to differentiate ourselves from the other brands in our industry incredibly well. By targeting the small business owner, by being accessible in communities with stores in retail settings, as well as online with our Online Print Center, we can provide a range of services that exceeds what our competitors may offer and meet the needs of customers.”

PostNet is a brand that shares your values

PostNet is rare in the franchise industry, as our CEO and President have been with the company since they founded it in 1992 — shepherding the brand through downturns in the market, ensuring that our rapidly growing network have a voice in new initiatives and exceptional ongoing support, as well as delivering on new ways to simplify and improve the business model. PostNet also has a passionate and engaged support network of franchise owners, who are committed as much to the success of their peers as they are to their own stores and small business communities. They help each other through economic challenges and times of illness, offering advice, support and encouragement when it is needed. At PostNet, we care for the whole.

PostNet is the rare franchise system that makes quality of life a central part of our business model. For starters, PostNet franchise locations are open regular hours during the week and a half-day on Saturday, allowing franchise owners more time to spend with their families. Most importantly, while we want our franchise owners to be engaged in their stores, our most successful franchise owners aren’t stationed behind a counter; instead, they are out networking in their small business communities, driving visibility and sales to their PostNet franchises.

“From day one, we looked at our franchise owners as our peers,” Steve says. “People come into this organization every day from around the world. Our job is to help them be successful and ensure that their experience and relationships with the PostNet franchise family add value on all levels. As founder and CEO and the person who drives the strategic vision, making sure that our franchisees succeed is of paramount importance to me. Our franchisees invest real money, real heart and real soul — some of them leave careers — in the desire to improve their lives. We truly care about everyone and everything the PostNet brand touches.”

PostNet franchise is a low-cost investment opportunity with high potential returns

PostNet is a low-cost investment opportunity with a proven business model that offers high potential returns. The total investment necessary to begin operating a PostNet franchise ranges from $169,767 to $212,275. PostNet is a substantially more affordable investment than several of our competitors, and our rapid buildout time allows our franchise owners to potentially hasten their return on investment. Once a site is selected, a new PostNet can be open in six to eight weeks. Our Online Print Center platform allows new franchise owners to begin selling PostNet services and earning a profit from the moment an address is selected for a new PostNet store — potentially quickening the return on investment even further and bringing in additional revenue beyond the sales made during normal business hours.

“The level of support that PostNet provides for their franchisees is outstanding,” says Rick Groves, owner of a PostNet franchise in Auburn, Indiana. “Steve Greenbaum and Brian Spindel built this company, and you better believe that they want their franchisees to succeed. So many other brands have executive teams with no relation to the company as it was founded, but PostNet is led by its founders; they have skin in the game and are hands-on. For example, in dealing with our new point-of-sale system, the president of the company gave me his cell phone number and said, ‘If you have any problems, call me.’ What other company would do that? Their leadership is also why we remain on the cutting edge. In 1999, I was impressed that PostNet had a strong presence on the Internet, which was very forward-thinking. Now, we’re taught to have our own presence on the Internet, with Facebook and Twitter. This helps us remain relevant and win new business.”

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