PostNet Printing & Shipping Franchise vs. The UPS® Store Franchise

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Are you researching printing and shipping franchises? Here’s why you should consider PostNet.

If you’re interested in investing in a printing and shipping franchise, congratulations! Franchising in this industry enables entrepreneurs to enjoy a flexible lifestyle and engaging, community-driven career. You have many options to choose from — here’s what you should know about PostNet and how it compares to The UPS Store.


How does PostNet compare to The UPS Store?

If you’re interested in owning a business that offers similar services to what The UPS Store provides (and much more!), opening your own PostNet franchise is a wonderful opportunity to consider. While the two businesses have many similarities, PostNet is able to offer a full range of services to its customers, and has available territories in most major U.S. and Canadian markets.


Here are a few of the perks of PostNet:

  • Territory Available in Most Major Markets
  • Actively Franchising
  • Lower Average Total Investment
  • Corporate Support
  • Extensive Menu of Services (Shipping, Printing, Design, and More)
  • Multi-Carrier Shipping Service Provider (FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS)
  • Potential for Recurring Revenue

If you’ve been researching The UPS Store franchise opportunities, it’s likely that you have a strong interest in helping small businesses and members of your community succeed by providing shipping and printing solutions. That’s what PostNet is all about! Much like The UPS Store, PostNet offers the essential services that help keep small businesses thriving. 


Multi-Carrier Shipping

PostNet owners find it incredibly rewarding to be able to help their clients find the perfect solution to any problem or need. One of the biggest differentiators that sets PostNet apart from competitors like The UPS Store is our wide range of service offerings. By working with all major shipping carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL), PostNet has the flexibility to meet every customer’s exact needs in terms of timing, security, and price. It’s the secret behind the truly personalized service we’re able to provide! By contrast, The UPS Store is limited to the options available from one shipping carrier.

PostNet centers are also able to provide packaging materials and custom packing services to help give customers peace of mind that their shipment will arrive in perfect condition. In short, we offer the same packing and shipping services that The UPS Store provides its customers, but with greater flexibility to please our customers. That’s what builds the loyalty that keeps customers coming back — and choosing to do business with PostNet. Many PostNet customers comment that they’ll happily go out of their way, or even pay more, to use PostNet’s services instead of going to the post office or a competitor!


Printing and Much More

The UPS Store services go beyond just shipping, and so do PostNet’s. Both brands are able to offer a wide range of full-service printing solutions. Far beyond making copies and printing simple documents, PostNet centers help meet clients’ needs for banners and signs, business cards and brochures, marketing materials, and more; even promotional products like branded pens, bags, and t-shirts (the sky’s the limit!). Additionally, PostNet graphic designers can create the artwork, logos and branding to make materials stand out before the ink hits the paper.

PostNet sets itself apart from competitors by offering holistic, one-stop-shop service. Some of our other offerings include private and virtual mailbox rentals, notary services, binding and finishing, shredding services, and passport photos. Imagine being able to pick up new business cards, check your mail, ship a package internationally, make some copies, and get a document notarized — with just one stop! That’s the convenience that PostNet offers. 


Opening a PostNet vs The UPS Store

While The UPS Store is similar to PostNet in a number of ways, PostNet presents a much greater opportunity for new franchisees to claim a premier market for themselves! The UPS Store already has a presence in many U.S. and Canadian markets, yet there is plenty of available territory that’s ready and waiting for the right person to open a PostNet.¹ Our franchises are located in all types of communities — urban, rural, suburban and anything in between. Chances are, wherever you call home could benefit from a new PostNet center.

In addition, the average total investment required to open a PostNet is lower than The UPS Store. The cost of opening a PostNet franchise is between $185,000 and $225,275, while the investment needed to open a UPS Store can be as high as $398,300.²

If you’re interested in owning your own business like The UPS Store, a PostNet franchise could be the right opportunity for you. Fill out the form below to learn more about opening your own PostNet!

¹As of December 31, 2018, The UPS Store had 4,473 stores, compared to PostNet’s 208, according to the companies’ respective Franchise Disclosure Documents
²According to PostNet’s and The UPS Store’s respective Franchise Disclosure Documents. Accurate as of December 31, 2018.


PostNet The UPS® Store*
Liquid capital required$60,000$60,000
Total investment$185,267-$225,275$168,900-$398,300
Total units**6615,071
Franchising since19931980
Availability in Most Major MarketsYesLimited availability

** Estimated units as of July 1,2018

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