PostNet Franchise vs. Goin’ Postal Franchise

As you research printing and shipping franchises, here’s why you should take a look at the PostNet printing and shipping franchise

If you’ve been researching the benefits of owning a printing and shipping franchise, congratulations! You are looking into a profitable industry with room to grow.

The global market for digital printing alone is expected to grow from $131.4 billion in 2013 to $187.7 in 2018—a compound annual growth rate of 7.4%. If your chosen franchise handles a combination of digital printing, online marketing and shipping, the combined industry value is $380 billion. Not too shabby.

But who is the best fit for you? As you research the Goin’ Postal printing and shipping franchise, it pays to do some comparisons with other brands. Each is different—with different support teams, strategies, values and ROI. Here’s a few things you should know about the PostNet shipping franchise.

A huge range of services offered to the American entrepreneur

PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers offer such a wide range of products and professional services to our customers that Goin’ Postal, like many of our competitors, cannot operate on the same level. PostNet doesn’t just provide shipping services along with the occasional small print or design job; we offer shipping and logistics services plus myriad business solutions and consultation services.

While we welcome all members of our community, our target market is the more than 27 million small and medium businesses in America that benefit greatly from outsourcing shipping, printing and marketing projects. PostNet is the only shipping and printing franchise established to foster ongoing business-to-business relationships with, and provide marketing solutions to, this growing customer base.

Michael Looby of Wheeling, Illinois, knows PostNet owners become their business community’s go-to project managers.

We don’t just print business cards and brochures. PostNet offers everything from logo design, branding, website creation and search engine optimization to business forms, brochures and marketing materials, direct mail and email marketing campaigns, signs, banners and vehicle graphics, and a host of other marketing and printing services. We also offer national and international shipping and logistics solutions, partnering with UPS, FedEx, DHL and the U.S. Postal Service.

In addition to providing in-house services, PostNet partners with dozens of outside, trusted vendors to offer businesses a huge range of services, saving them valuable time and energy. As a PostNet owner, you will become your business community’s go-to project manager, giving customers one reliable source for getting things done right, on schedule and on budget.

“We’re the ‘make it go away’ place. Customers bring their printing, shipping or marketing projects to us, often with urgent deadlines, and just want to know we can get them done professionally and on time. That’s where we shine.” — Terry Stokes, franchisee in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

An innovative franchise system

Innovation has been a core value of the PostNet franchise since it was founded in 1993 by our CEO Brian Spindel. This owner-operated franchise has grown internationally to be 700 strong because our team is constantly researching and embracing new technologies that make a difference in the lives and businesses of our customers and franchisees.

“PostNet has one overall guiding principle: Our business will always evolve with consumer needs and technology,” Greenbaum says.

PostNet has always been a market leader in printing franchises. We met customer demand in the 1990s by offering shipping services, copies, binding and high-speed internet access. At the turn of the millennium we added graphic design services and full-service printing. In 2003, we began adding marketing support services to help small businesses reach the next level. In 2012, PostNet unveiled a suite of digital and online marketing services. Now, we are offering 3D printing services—staying way ahead of the printing franchise pack.

Former CEO Steve Greenbaum talks about who will make a happy PostNet franchise owner.

Goin’ Postal has a few simple printing and web design services to offer customers, but if you are interested in learning about and providing cutting-edge technologies, consider a PostNet franchise.

“Brian is a great individual who thinks outside the box. When we started, I didn’t know how much change was happening in the industry. Brian is always anticipating opportunities and keeping us ahead of the curve.” — Greg Claiborne, franchisee in Round Rock, Texas, since 2003

A family-friendly franchise

You’ll find that many PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers are operated by married couples or family partners. PostNet is a great family business because franchises thrive on cooperation and community involvement, and owners love the lifestyle our hours provide.

Because PostNet’s operation is designed to serve both walk-in customers and regular small business clientele, many family members find it beneficial and natural to divide the duties of the operation. One person may be in charge of in-store operation and meeting deadlines, while another may be in charge of business-to-business sales and customer service.

Our business is all about community, so families often thrive in the setting that PostNet provides. PostNet franchise Neighborhood Business Centers are among the businesses and communities they serve. This makes them hubs where small business owners connect, share ideas and form friendships—with each other and our PostNet owners. People do business with folks and families they know and with whom they feel comfortable. It’s definitely a benefit of how we do business.

Our PostNet franchise values also encourage owners and staff to maintain a healthy work and life balance. Most print franchises close late in the evening, are open all day on Saturday and have Sunday hours. Our franchises typically close at 6 p.m. and are open for a half a day on Saturday. All PostNet stores are closed on Sunday, providing plenty of time for family and other interests.

“It’s a gorgeous area, and there are an awful lot of very, very bright people in this town trying to figure out how to live out here. We made a list of everything we wanted: something more technologically stimulating, normal business hours, something that would allow us to work with computers and learn.” — Kathy Stokes, franchisee with husband, Terry, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

“You see the same customers again and again, and it’s almost like a local bar—people will tell you everything about themselves.” — Irene Fenolio, franchisee with husband, Ron, in Henderson, Nevada

A brand for extroverts and salespeople

The things to look for when choosing a franchise opportunity are cultural fit, a business model that inspires you to get to work every day and something you can see yourself doing long-term.

The successful PostNet business philosophy hinges on great customer service and building ongoing business-to-business relationships within your community. You won’t just wait for customers to come to you for shipping and printing needs. You will go out into the community, building ongoing relationships with customers and working with multiple vendors to provide real business solutions.

Whether you come from a sales or marketing background, love finding solutions for people or are just an outgoing person who isn’t intimidated by approaching and meeting decision-makers in your community, you could thrive with a PostNet franchise.

“Twenty-five percent of the business is product, 75 percent is customer service.” — Rich DeMatteo, franchisee in Denver, Colorado

“You have to be able to establish relationships with people. You have to like people, and you have to know how to handle customer issues and customer service. If you’re not doing that, this is not the right place for you” — Irene Fenolio

Learn more

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