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Take Control of Your Success — Own Your Own Business

Are you ready to take advantage of one of the best business opportunities in Miami? Now’s the perfect time to own your own printing, packing, and shipping franchise through PostNet.

Not only is PostNet a fantastic business investment opportunity, when you join our family you’ll become part of a supportive culture backed by a global company, MBE Worldwide, who offers a proven business model to help PostNet entrepreneurs succeed.

  • Vibrant, creative atmosphere
  • Recurring revenue
  • Multi-carrier shipping provider
  • Extensive menu of services
  • Flexibility and independence
  • Support and resources of an established brand
  • Inspiring variety of work
  • Sane business hours
  • Great family business potential
  • Community focused
  • Great small business investment opportunity
  • Accessible support from HQ and fellow franchisees
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A leading printing and shipping franchise since 1993

For over 25 years, PostNet has helped entrepreneurs who want to open a franchise find success — all while making life easier for countless small businesses and consumers in your community. Offering quality services in design, printing, packing, shipping, and more, PostNet is focused on boosting your small business success through the satisfaction of your customer.

Design, Print, Pack and Ship, All Right Here

PostNet gives customers everything they need, all in one spot. Here we offer a wide range of printing, design, and shipping services with multiple carriers to choose from.

Initial InvestmentFranchise FeeFA TermNet WorthLiquidity# of Units (2021 FDD)RoyaltyAd FundTransfer Fee
PostNet$183,000- $233,000$35,95015 year$300,000+$60,000+2855%2%$5-25k
UPS Store (traditional)$247,000-$475,000$29,95010 yearN/A$75,000+5000+5%3.5%$1,750-10k + Finders Fee (40% of sale price)
PakMail$168,000-$247,000$29,95020 yearN/A$50,0002005%2%15% of Franchise Fee ($4,493)+ Sales Consult fee when applicable $12,000 to
Postal Annex$168,000-$247,000$29,95020 year$200,000$50,0003005%2%15% of Franchise Fee ($4,493)+ Sales Consult fee when applicable $12,000 to
AIM Centers$168,000-$248,000$29,95020 year$200,000$50,000435%2%15% of Franchise Fee ($4,493)+ Sales Consult fee when applicable $12,000 to
Handle W/ Care$100,000- $248,000$29,95020 year$200,000$50,000215-6%2-3%15% of Franchise Fee ($4,493)+ Sales Consult fee when applicable $12,000 to
Allegra Marketing$126,000- $378,000$45,00020 year$250k -
$100k -
2541.5-61%20% of the then current initial franchise fee ($9k) + any referral fees or broker fees.
Goin' Postal$99,000-$140,000$15,00015 yearN/A$20,000170$460/month + 3% increase every 3rd year0%latest FDD 2014 @ $5,000
Postal Connect/iSold it$138,000- $240,000$27- $33,90010 yearN/AN/A404%2%, $175/ month max$5,000 (for a PC store) or $1,500 for an @Home location.
MinuteMan Press$76,000- $183,000$32,550- $47k35 yearN/A$75,000956to 6% (capped)$225-$2255/
The greater of $32,500 or then current fee.
Sir Speedy$280,000- $305,000$55,00020 year$450,000$125k -
Fast Signs$233,000- $307,000$49,75010 year$300,000$80,0007566%2%$17,500 + Consult fee ($3,000 to $7,500)
Higher Investment than PN
*internet marketing program not a NAF

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