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Upgraded equipment handles booming demand at printing franchise.

Ron Bradley at his PostNet in Asheville, N.C.

Ron Bradley at his PostNet in Asheville, N.C.

Ron Bradley, who helped pioneer the printing franchise concept for PostNet, received a nice write-up recently on the Xerox blog, which spoke to him about his business’ growth. Ron helped pioneer the printing franchise concept when he joined PostNet in 1999 and chose to make copying and printing services a primary focus for his Asheville, N.C., location. Since then, Ron has thrived, winning business customers who are glad to have him as a marketing resource in their community.

If you are considering printing and marketing franchises, there are two things you should pay attention to about Ron’s story: the continued success of the PostNet printing franchise business model, and the fact that PostNet respects the skills and inventiveness of its franchisees, which has kept the brand strong for 20 years.


When Ron started, most PostNet locations were focused on packing and shipping — copying and printing were additional service lines. Ron took a look at those service lines and realized he could use them to build his business, and PostNet took notice of his success. We quickly started sharing Ron’s lessons with other franchisees, and those lessons kick-started PostNet’s evolution.

The spirit of collaboration between PostNet’s leadership and its franchisees has been a big driver of our success, and it’s also why PostNet consistently wins awards for franchisee satisfaction from Franchise Business Review. Another factor: PostNet is determined to provide great resources to franchise owners. When Ron was ready to buy a new Xerox machine this year, slow bank lending looked like it might hold up the investment — but a strong business relationship between Xerox and PostNet erased obstacles.

From the Xerox blog:

When Ron Bradley bought a PostNet franchise in Asheville, N.C. in 1999, he developed an unconventional business strategy. While most PostNet stores focused on shipping, Ron emphasized copying and printing. A few years later, PostNet International Corporation began encouraging that every franchise make the same shift to print.

Today, about 80 percent of Ron’s revenues come from printing related services, and they continue to thrive, propelling the franchise to its best year ever, if 2013 continues to deliver double-digit growth. Behind the growth: a burgeoning wide-format printing business initiated about 10 years ago and new technology acquisitions.

The time was right for investing in the new print technology, The franchise’s workhorse, a Xerox DocuColor 260 Copier/Printer was beginning to show its age and was challenged by an increasing volume and a lack of registration control on some applications.

Bradley began researching his options in January, looking only at Xerox because his Xerox 260 experience surpassed what he’d had with other manufacturers. He liked the new Xerox C75 Press, which offered automated registration features and higher volume capacity.

Financing the acquisition was another story. His long-time bank that held his previous loans was his first choice, but they had become stricter since the 2008 recession. Then he met with QBSI, a Xerox company that sells and services office and printing equipment and manages the PostNet account nationally. “As a loyal QBSI customer for 10 years, and with the assistance of Greg Kelly and Joan Serwold of QBSI, I was approved in three hours.”

So in June, QBSI delivered a new Xerox C75 copier printer, and a Duplo DC-645 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser, which automates cutting of multi-up sheets, saving him as much as 15 hours per month of manual labor. Bradley’s customers not only appreciate the consistently tight registration and even better image quality from the Xerox C75, but also like the increased ability to get most of their printing at one business center. Comments from clients include: “The output from this machine looks as good as what you get off an offset press,” Bradley said.

“I’m adamant about the high quality of the products for my clients,” he said. “That is what we are known for—high quality at a fair price. If people feel they are treated right, with great quality, and are comfortable with the price, they will continue to come back.”

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