PostNet CEO Steve Greenbaum Tells Fox Business Why Digital Printing is Important for Small Businesses

Digital printing franchise PostNet uses print as a cornerstone for helping its business customers market themselves

PostNet CEO Steve Greenbaum spoke on Fox Business about the growth of digital printing. (video below)

PostNet CEO Steve Greenbaum spoke on Fox Business about the growth of digital printing. (video below)

Think print is dead? You might. You are, after all, reading this on a computer or a smartphone right now. But to borrow a line from Mark Twain, rumors of print’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Look at your desk, or around your house. How many of your reminders are written out on paper — on a Post-it note, a calendar, or in the form of useful coupons tucked away for the next time you order a pizza?

Now consider your inbox and your digital life: Is it cluttered to the point of confusion? How many lost reminders are floating around in the digital detritus?

The power of print lies in its ability to cut through the clutter. That’s true for our personal lives, and its especially true for businesses. A well-designed, targeted piece of print can serve as a gateway to your brand. What’s changed thanks to the internet is that print can now be far more powerful by working in tandem with your website and other online marketing tools.

That’s especially true of digital printing, which allows even the smallest businesses to create professional looking materials that wow potential clients. As the business behind America’s small business, the PostNet franchise’s Neighborhood Business Centers specialize in designing memorable brand images for businesses, helping those businesses get online, then using targeted mailing to help them reach customers as inexpensively as possible.

CEO Steve Greenbaum recently had a chance to explain our business model to Lauren Simonetti of Fox Business:

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