PostNet Printing Franchise ‘Undercover Employee’ Episode Recap

Steve Greenbaum sends PostNet printing franchise employee Belton undercover at Amanda Crow’s business center on a special episode of Undercover Boss.

postnet printing franchise employee Belton

Belton gets a makeover to help him go undercover on CBS’ hit show Undercover Boss. (CBS photo)


The CBS hit show Undercover Boss has given viewers another peek inside the PostNet printing franchise. A little more than a year after transforming PostNet CEO Steve Greenbaum into a biker dude, the show invited Steve to take another undercover look at his company in an episode that also featured Menchie’s and Twin Peaks.

In case you missed the episode and have trouble watching it online, here’s a recap:

After admitting that he won’t be able to pull off a repeat incognito appearance as “Brad” (transformation seen here), PostNet printing franchise CEO Steve Greenbaum taps Belton to go undercover. Steve met Belton, a PostNet employee, during his previous Undercover Boss experience.

Belton’s personal story made a big impact on Steve when they first met a year and a half ago. The clean-cut veteran with a tightly-trimmed goatee gets quite the makeover from CBS’s makeup artists, who transformed him into “Jeremy,” an unemployed — and quite hirsute — skateboarder.

Belton goes undercover at a PostNet Neighborhood Business Center owned by Amanda Crow. She opened her Center three years ago in Norfolk, VA, and has shown interest in opening a second location. Steve asks Belton to help him evaluate whether Amanda, a fellow veteran, is ready.

Amanda explains to “Jeremy” how professional-looking print materials, specifically brochures, can help business owners win more customers, and starts to walk him through the ropes of her business.

But there’s a problem! “Jeremy” is too good at his job!

postnet printing franchise owner amanda crow with belton.

Amanda shows “Jeremy” how to use a paper cutter. (CBS photo)

Amanda is immediately suspicious. First off, he is really, really good at his job for someone who has “never” done printing work before. Steve tries to coach Belton through Amanda’s questioning, but there is another problem: this “unemployed skateboarder” seems very, very familiar. It’s almost like she had seen him somewhere before!

She does a bit of searching and finds a video of Belton from the last Undercover Boss Episode. Then she reveals that the jig is up.

Belton drops the ruse, and asks Amanda point-blank: What does it take to run a successful business?

Amanda’s response: It takes a tough person. The success of the business depends on you. She is eager to expand, and is trying to put together enough money to make it happen. She says opening a PostNet was a dream of her and her late husband, who was murdered while she was on deployment to Haiti. “Right here is our dream. And here I am, kicking butt and taking names.”

Belton goes to Amanda’s home where he meets her mother Mary Jane and talks with Amanda about her husband, who was in the Navy. “He led a lot of guys and did a lot of things, and he is seriously missed in that community, for sure. He’s definitely left a very large void in my life … at the same, though, I know that he is watching over me.”

It’s impossible to hear her talk about him without your eyes getting moist.

Belton then leads Amanda outside to an RV where Steve had been listening in and watching on TV monitors. “I knew you were gonna be here!” she says as she and Steve greet each other with a warm hug.

Amanda reveals that she thought the episode was going to be about Belton — not about her.

Steve says he is impressed by her — and gives her $50,000 to help her open a second store.

“I feel like part of a family that wants me to succeed,” she says tearfully.

“And wants you to stay part of it for a very long time,” Steve responds.

“I’m just so glad to be part of this organization. It’s changed my life,” Amanda says. “PostNet is Steve’s baby, and I feel like he saved me by allowing me to come into his franchise and be part of his family. Because at that time I felt very alone. … I feel like he’s saving me again. He’s helping me again.”

Then Steve turns his attention to Belton. Steve got a taste of Belton’s incredible cooking during their previous Undercover Boss appearance, and Belton told Steve at the time about his desire to become a chef. Steve tells Belton he wants to send him to the Loire Valley in France to attend a French cooking class with renowned chef Kathryn Gordon.

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