PostNet Printing Franchise CEO Steve Greenbaum on Fox Business

Fox Business host to PostNet printing franchise CEO Steve Greenbaum: “You really changed what other companies are now trying to do.”

PostNet’s innovation and growth are attracting more and more media attention. The latest came from Fox Business Network.

PostNet CEO Steve Greenbaum was interviewed by Cheryl Cason, who led off the “Small Business: Big Ideas” segment this way: “You really have changed what other companies are now trying to do. They’re kind of behind you. And that’s to make, basically, centers where small business owners can go … Do you still see growth in this market?”

The answer: Absolutely. PostNet, which started as a pack-and-ship focused franchise 20 years ago, has always looked for innovative new ways to serve its customers. In response to demand from business customers, PostNet started offering copying services, then printing, high-speed internet service and graphic design help. PostNet had evolved into a full-service Neighborhood Business Center. Steve took that realization and ran with it, shifting the company’s business model to become a printing franchise that offers comprehensive marketing support for small businesses.

“We found that small business owners needed help with marketing, needed help with producing images, their marketing materials, their brand materials,” Steve told Fox Business. “And so we provide small business owners with outsourced marketing services and give them a place they can rely on to make their small business look big.”

Do they need help developing a logo and a brand identity? They can do that at PostNet. Help creating signs and banners? PostNet. Help with marketing materials? PostNet. Websites, email marketing campaigns and direct mail? PostNet, PostNet, PostNet.

There are more than 27 million businesses in the United States with fewer than 100 employees. The simple fact is, small business owners are extremely busy and need a local business partner that they can rely on to help them market themselves well so that their businesses will grow. PostNet franchise owners are equipped to handle jobs that need a quick turnaround, and they have partnerships with dozens of vendors who provide specialized PostNet services. PostNet allows small business owners to access a tremendous range of services without wasting time. PostNet can handle nearly any marketing task, taking a big burden off our small business customers and freeing them to concentrate on their core skills.

Cheryl asked about PostNet’s growth and whether that has translated into extra hiring, and the answer is an emphatic yes — but the impact is much larger than she may have expected.

“We are hiring,” Steve said. “Our centers are growing and adding staff and providing more and more value in the community. Remember, we support small businesses, and so when we help small businesses get more customers, they in turn begin hiring and then growing their businesses … That’s really what PostNet, that is our purpose, to be the business behind small business in America.”

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