How PostNet Marketing Franchise is Helping Local Owners Increase B2B Sales

The PostNet marketing franchise has forged a partnership with sales industry giants Salesforce and Sandler Training

One of the things that makes PostNet’s top performing franchisees stand out is their mastery of B2B sales. While consumer walk-in traffic generates significant sales for most PostNet franchise owners, outbound sales can provide a dramatic additional stream of income.

To give help franchisees build this revenue stream, PostNet has partnered with two sales giants, Sandler Training and Salesforce. The partnerships will help our marketing franchise owners generate more sales, more revenue and more profits, while also helping more businesses in their communities.

“Growing business-to-business sales is our No. 1 priority,” says PostNet CEO and co-founder Steve Greenbaum. “With Sandler Training and Salesforce, our franchisees will gain best-in-class tools and knowledge to increase business-to-business sales at the center level.”

Here’s how we’re helping more franchisees become peak performers:

The art of networking and sales

Walk-in traffic generates sales and repeat customers for PostNet owners, but owners can vastly expand their B2B customer base by networking with other entrepreneurs. Small businesses need professional-looking marketing materials, and they also need shipping and logistics support, and PostNet delivers great, comprehensive solutions. At the same time, small business owners value personal relationships. Through networking, franchisees are able to build personal relationships with other entrepreneurs and win their business. That’s valuable. Since business customers have such a strong need for the services, they tend to order more, and order more often.

PostNet trains franchisees how to network with small business owners and explain the value PostNet offers. Our partnership with Sandler Training will help franchisees practice and sharpen their sales skills. Sandler is a global sales training organization with more than three decades of experience and proven results.

PostNet's Creative Cafe helps provide ideas and inspiration for small business owners who are looking for ways to market themselves.

PostNet’s Creative Cafe helps provide ideas and inspiration for small business owners who are looking for ways to market themselves.

An organizational tool to save time and maximize returns

Networking is half of the equation for bringing in more B2B sales. How do you take advantage of all the additional opportunities for growth? PostNet has partnered with Salesforce to create a customized customer relationship management (CRM) system for PostNet franchisees. The CRM allows franchisees to automate sales activities, set up followup reminders, and send targeted marketing messages and promotions — all of which help drive B2B sales.

The system makes it easier to follow up with sales prospects, and it also makes it easier to reach out to existing customers when it looks like they may be ready to re-order marketing materials. For instance, if a customer orders 300 business cards, you can set the CRM to automatically email the customer in six months to ask if they need new business cards.

Learn more about how PostNet helps franchisees succeed

Entrepreneur magazine has named PostNet a top franchise opportunity for 21 consecutive years, and Franchise Business Review has consistently lauded PostNet for its high rate of franchisee satisfaction. Co-founders Steve Greenbaum and Brian Spindel are passionate about supporting small businesses — and that includes franchisees and the customers they serve. That passion has led PostNet to develop industry-leading franchise support, a business model designed to help franchisees ramp up their business quickly and maximize revenues, and a range of services designed to help small business customers grow.

Visit our research pages to learn about the startup costs for a PostNet Neighborhood Business Center, our training and support, our history and more. To explore the opportunity further, fill out a form to download our free franchise report and start a conversation, or call us at 877-900-6614. We look forward to hearing from you!