PostNet Franchise President and Co-Founder Weighs in on Holiday Business Shipping Tips

American Express taps Brian Spindel, one of the visionary leaders of the nation’s premier shipping, marketing and printing franchise, to help small business owners with their holiday shipping orders

PostNet franchise President and co-founder Brian Spindel recently joined other leaders in the shipping industry to provide insight into how small business owners can effectively handle shipping orders during the busy holiday season for American Express’ OPEN Forum online publication.

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In the article entitled, “5 Tricks to Help Improve Your Business Shipping,” Brian weighs in on what small business owners should be doing to keep shipping costs low and margins high during the busiest shopping weeks of the year. This holiday season is shaping up to be especially busy, with the article reporting that “peak delivery season (the Monday after Thanksgiving until Christmas) will have volumes that are 19 percent higher than the average daily volume in their third quarter and 12 percent higher than the peak season last year.”

Brian has been one of the innovative and forward-thinking voices in the shipping industry since co-founding PostNet with CEO Steve Greenbaum in 1992. Together the pair grew PostNet to nearly 700 locations across 10 countries, evolving the brand’s business model from a humble pack-and-ship business to the dynamic shipping, marketing and printing franchise that focuses on finding solutions for small business owners the brand is today.

In the article, Brian advises small business owners to make sure that they’re aware of the “quirks” of what they’re shipping, as not every item can be shipped exactly the same way, and some products are even entangled in government regulation or company safety standards.

“Each carrier has unique requirements and restrictions with regards to the shipment of certain goods, like hoverboards or cell phones,” Brian explains in the article, reminding small business owners that due to those products recently exploding, they are dangerous when being shipped and must be specially labeled and packaged.

As President of PostNet for 23 years, Brian knows the ins and outs of the shipping industry. PostNet franchise owners experience their busiest months of shipping during the holiday season, and Brian is instrumental in keeping PostNet ahead of consumer trends and technology, ensuring that the holiday season will be busy for franchise owners for years to come.

“We’ve been in franchising for a long time, and we’ve worked hard to establish a business model that evolves over time to keep our brand relevant and to keep our franchise owners in profitable businesses,” Brian says. “I like that our industry is full of competition, not only because it shows that there is a constant demand for our services, but also because PostNet has been able to differentiate ourselves from the other brands in our industry incredibly well. By targeting the small business owner and by being accessible in communities with stores in retail settings, as well as online with our Online Print Center, we can provide a range of services that exceeds what our competitors may offer and meet the needs of customers.”

To learn more about how PostNet continues to leverage technology to meet consumer demands, click here to read a lengthy interview with Brian.

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