PostNet Franchise Honors Its Own at Annual Thrive Conference

Leading marketing services franchise awards top-performing franchise owners as PostNet ramps up for nationwide expansion

Hundreds of PostNet franchise owners, members of the PostNet executive team and vendors gathered in Phoenix, Arizona, for our annual Thrive Conference to meet, learn, ask questions, exchange best practices and have a little fun.


Steve Greenbaum, CEO of PostNet, speaks at PostNet’s annual Thrive conference. Steve is responsible for driving the company’s vision, leading the way with innovative ideas and creative ways to differentiate the brand.

For four days, reputable guest speakers, company leaders from headquarters and our vendor partners from across the country led informative training sessions aimed at driving unit-level profitability and economics. Empowering speeches were given by CEO Steve Greenbaum, President Brian Spindel, and Keynote Speaker Jeffrey Hayzlett. The conference also featured an on-site vendor expo where franchisees could meet our new and longstanding vendors face to face. In addition, PostNet honored standout franchise owners for their business excellence.

“PostNet had a lot to celebrate this year at the Thrive conference,” Steve says. “From the rolling out of our new brand campaign — which positions us as the premier marketing services franchise for small businesses everywhere — to our nationwide and international expansion efforts to the ongoing and upcoming initiatives we are undertaking to drive value to our franchise owners in their centers. Most importantly, it was an honor to celebrate our franchise owners, who are the driving force behind the success of our brand.”

Meet the marketing services franchise owners honored at Thrive conference

With nearly 700 locations around the world, PostNet has become a tight-knit community of franchise owners who seek to nurture, assist, mentor and guide each other through the process of small business ownership. Every PostNet is locally owned and operated, so our franchise owners are their community’s local partner for printing, marketing and shipping solutions.

Meet some of the PostNet franchise owners who were honored at this year’s Thrive conference for all of their hard work, drive and dedication to the success of their community, their business, and the brand.

PostNet named R.C. and Sharon Foster 2016 Franchisees of the Year. The Fosters were awarded the top franchisee accolade for the first time after owning a PostNet franchise in Charleston, S.C. for nearly 13 years.

“We’re very proud to be honored as this year’s Franchisees of the Year,” said R.C. Foster. “Over the years, we have worked hard to engrain ourselves and our PostNet business into the fabric of our community and build strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers..We are dedicated to the success of our customers and this brand. We’re PostNetters through and through.”

For more than 20 years, PostNet has been guided by six core values. Those values have helped us build a strong franchise system that makes a valuable contribution to the communities and customers we serve. Every year, PostNet honors six franchise owners who go above and beyond in the representation of our values:

  • Care for the Whole Award: Greg and Renee Howard, Houston, Texas
  • Be Engaged Award: Jennifer Morrell, Douglas, Georgia
  • Attitude + Execution = Performance Award: Becky Murphy-Hatosy, Paragould, Arkansas
  • Lead With Clarity and Purpose Award: Russ Caccamisi, Austin, Texas
  • Own It Award: Terry and Kathy Stokes, Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  • Champion Change Award: Diane Thomas, Chelsea, Alabama

“It is such an honor to be recognized by both the PostNet executive team and my peers with the Be Engaged Award,” Jennifer Morrell says. “We are a team at PostNet, and in order for our team to be successful, I know I have to play my part. I have to be 100% committed to the success of my business and this organization, and that requires being focused and engaged, and leveraging my strengths for the greater good of our entire system. I love being a part of the PostNet family, and I am truly flattered by the recognition.”

PostNet also honored Greg and Renee Howard, who own three PostNet marketing services franchise locations in Texas, with the Coogle Award – an award named after Dennis Coogle, a beloved franchisee who died of ALS and whose dedication to the brand and the success of his fellow franchisees made a huge impact on PostNet.

Dennis served as a mentor to Greg and Renee when they were just starting out as new PostNet franchise owners, ensuring that they had the tools necessary to be successful in their businesses.

“Receiving the Coogle Award was quite a high honor,” Renee said. “Dennis always made himself available to help us. He really showed us what it meant to own a business and be successful with the PostNet brand. It was an honor that our peers see us as carrying that torch by always being willing to help. Franchisees reach out to Greg seeking to learn best practices and to seek advice regarding business growth. Also, potential franchisees often visit to gain additional information with regard to owning a Postnet franchise. Our attitude is to always be ready to help.”


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After kicking off the year with exciting center openings in California, West Virginia, Connecticut, Georgia and Texas, PostNet’s outlook for 2016 is strong. Throughout the year, PostNet will continue executing its strategic growth plan, expanding the brand into untapped and existing markets domestically and overseas.

“Our continued franchise growth in 2016 and impressive number of new centers scheduled to open in 2016 demonstrates the strong demand for our customized, business-enhancing services,” Steve says. “Innovation has, and will always, drive our company strategy, making us well-positioned to develop products and services that meet the changing needs of consumers and businesses. We will be growing for years to come.”

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