PostNet Franchise Customer Review: ‘They are very customer service driven’

Massage therapist attracts new clients with the creative help of her local PostNet.

ClaveyMassage therapist Meagen Clavey views being a business owner as a work in progress. “This is all a big learning experience for me,” says Clavey, who owns Massage 101, which provides sessions at three Gold’s Gym locations in North Carolina.

Fortunately, she has help. The PostNet in Charlotte, one of three owned by Mike Ferretti, helps Clavey create professional and creative materials that entice new clients “to the table,” she says. PostNet has played a key role in her business’ growth from one location in 2008 to the three spots she has now. We recently spoke with Clavey to find out how she uses PostNet’s services.

Tell us about your business.
I started offering massages at a nearby Gold’s Gym just over five years ago, and I have since branched out to two more locations. We provide a range of treatments for athletes, pain management, as well as massage for relaxation.

What is your number one challenge in running your own business?
Getting people on the table. We always have to advertise and get the word out.

What kind of clients do you have?
It depends on the location. Some of my clients are members at the gym, and at one location many of my clients come from the nearby businesses. A lot of times they hear about us through word of mouth. I see my regular clients anywhere between once a year and once a week.

How did you come across PostNet?
When I was still in school, about six years ago, PostNet made me some student business cards for a project. They helped me make them look professional because the ones I tried to make myself were terrible.

What do you like about PostNet?
I can place my order and usually have my stuff within a few hours. If it’s a very large order, it might take a little bit longer, but as long as I provide ample time, I can get everything in a timely manner.

What does PostNet do for you?
A little bit of everything — business cards, gift certificates, gift cards, envelopes, banners, flyers. Sometimes I need to fax things. And I also have them print out my monthly specials. We also have service menus we need printed, and notepads and coupons that we hand out at events. I also do some work with athletic teams, and PostNet makes specialized coupons for me so I know exactly where they came from.

Does PostNet design these items for you?
They do everything. I’m a very uncreative person. I come up with the words, and they come up with the pictures to match the words. I always recommend PostNet to my clients who need stuff printed, and they’re always impressed with the work and the customer service that PostNet provides.

How has PostNet helped you spread the word about your business?
If it wasn’t for PostNet, I would never have thought of the ideas they have helped me come up with. For example, together we came up with the idea of handing out magnets at events, in addition to coupons. We go to a lot of events, health fairs and races, where we work on the runners, and give coupons to those who live in the area.

Why do you use PostNet rather than another business?
I’ve seen the stuff that other, larger businesses have done — I’m not going to say any particular name — and it’s bad. I like how fast I get everything that I need and how efficiently PostNet does things. They are very customer service driven. They also work within my budget, which is very cool.

How else has PostNet helped you?
When I started at just one Gold’s Gym five years ago, I had no idea I would grow so much. Part of that is due the professionalism of my logo, menu, business cards, and so on. Otherwise I would have never been able to expand with just my flimsy Word documents with no images.

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