Why PostNet is a Family-Friendly Franchise Opportunity

PostNet franchise’s family-friendly operations have made it a magnet for families who want to work together

When you start meeting PostNet franchise owners, one of the first things you’ll notice is that there are a whole lot of family businesses in our franchise system — folks like Bill and Eydie Merwitzer, David and Jim Petty, Margy Tucker and Breese Elkins, Kathy and Terry Stokes, and Liz and Jim Anderson. So what exactly is it about PostNet that makes us a great family-friendly franchise opportunity?

A business that thrives on teamwork

Eydie and Bill Merwitzer

Eydie and Bill Merwitzer

PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers get customers two ways: walk-in traffic from people who need to ship packages or have items printed (such as business cards or posters and banners for special events), and larger orders from businesses that regularly leverage our printing, graphic design and shipping expertise to serve and attract customers.

Family-run PostNet franchise locations typically divide up responsibilities. One person will specialize in running operations — making sure customers are served and deadlines are met — while the other person spends a large percentage of their time networking with other business owners to drive B2B sales. PostNet provides tools and training to help you thrive in either role.

A business that is all about community

By serving people who live and work nearby, and by making ourselves a resource for area businesses and organizations, PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers become hubs for their communities.

Irene Fenolio, center, with customers celebrating the 10th anniversary of her store in Henderson, Nevada.

Irene Fenolio, center, with customers celebrating the 10th anniversary of her store in Henderson, Nevada.

“You see the same customers again and again, and it’s almost like a local bar — people will tell you everything about themselves,” says Irene Fenolio, who owns a PostNet in Henderson, Nevada, with her husband, Ron. “We have customers who were just getting married when we opened, and they now have kids who are 10.”

Many PostNet owners also coordinate business networking events that bring their customers together. It’s not unusual for new partnerships to be formed, thanks to our franchisees.

A business that allows time for life outside of work

PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers are generally open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and half a day on Saturday — reasonable hours that allow you to get kids to school in the morning, if you need to, and be home in the evenings.

Ron and Kathy Stokes, when they’re not at their PostNet center.

Ron and Kathy Stokes, when they’re not at their PostNet center.

One of the things Kathy and Terry Stokes like about owning their PostNet in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is that they still have time to hit the ski slopes.

“It’s a gorgeous area, and there are an awful lot of very, very bright people in this town trying to figure out how to live out here,” Kathy says. When she and Terry were looking at business opportunities, “we made a list of everything we wanted: something more technologically stimulating, normal business hours, something that would allow us to work with computers and learn.”

PostNet delivers on all counts. We are always innovating to stay ahead of the market and ensure we can serve our customers’ needs.

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PostNet has 700 locations worldwide and has been ranked a top franchise opportunity by Entrepreneur magazine for 20 years in a row. We have also consistently won awards from Franchise Business Review for franchisee satisfaction. To learn more, fill out a form to download our free franchise report and start a conversation.