Meet New PostNet Franchise Owners Lindsey and Tony Gervacio

After their grand opening was delayed by a devastating tornado the couple soldiered on with help from PostNet. Their Center opened in November

In spring 2013, Lindsey and Tony Gervacio were on the cusp of realizing a dream to open their own business, a PostNet printing franchise in Moore, Okla. They had signed a lease for a great location and were excited to get started.

Suddenly, that excitement took a backseat to tragedy. On May 20, just days after they signed their lease, a massive EF-5 tornado tore through Moore. The storm made national news. Twenty-five people died; whole neighborhoods were leveled. One of the buildings that was destroyed was the one the Gervacios had chosen for their new PostNet Neighborhood Business Center.

They had to start over. PostNet’s corporate support team jumped in to help them find a new location and get them back on track. “The support is great,” Tony says. A new spot was secured in southern Oklahoma City, and the Gervazios’ PostNet Center opened Nov. 13.

PostNet offers digital printing and other marketing solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses.

PostNet offers digital printing and other marketing solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses.

PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers offer a full range of digital printing solutions for small businesses, as well as graphic design, direct mail, websites, email marketing and shipping — services that are designed to help businesses grow.

“One of our big goals is to help out other small businesses in the community,” Lindsey says. “Being able to do their marketing and seeing them succeed is really fulfilling.”

Lindsey followed an unusual route to PostNet ownership — she discovered the brand through a Craigslist job posting for a sales manager. She was hired, and after seeing how the business operated and realizing it was a franchise, she decided it was a great opportunity for both herself and her husband.

Tony had been working as a car salesman — working odd hours six days a week. He honed his sales skills, but the hours were painful. “We didn’t see each other a lot,” Lindsay says. “Now he’s home every night for dinner.” And since the couple work in their PostNet Center together, “it’s been really nice to be here together.”

The support the couple has received from PostNet HQ has been nice, too.

“I don’t know a lot of businesses where you can jump in and they help you with any little thing,” Tony says. “They’re always there for us.”

PostNet franchise owners receive Business Support Coaches who provide guidance and troubleshooting to help franchise owners master their business and grow. “(Our coach) Goldie is awesome,” Lindsey says. “She is always checking in with us, calling us, asking us what we’re doing and following up when we make a plan.”

That kind of contact is invaluable for a new business owner who is learning how to use all the tools that are at their disposal.

The ability to learn from other franchise owners is also important. “We were on a conference call last week with John (Lorenzo) from New Jersey,” Tony says. “Goldie got us on the call. He told us how he increased his sales” by networking with business owners to educate them about PostNet’s variety of printing services.

We’re excited to have Lindsey and Tony as part of the family. Before too long, they’ll be the ones helping new franchisees as they establish their businesses. For now, they are enjoying spending more time together and building a business for their family. PostNet has helped hundreds of people like the Gervazios start businesses, and we are eager to help more.

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