For PostNet Franchise Owners, the Holiday Season is Merry and Bright

Veteran PostNet franchisee on what makes December the busiest month of the year


For Rick Groves, owner of a PostNet design and marketing franchise in Auburn, Indiana, the holiday season is his busiest time of year.

When the residents of Auburn, a historic small town in Upper Indiana, enter their local PostNet design and marketing franchise, they might have to remind themselves that the man the behind the counter isn’t Santa Claus.

“It’s the beard,” chuckles Rick Groves, owner of the PostNet franchise. “I am routinely mistaken for Santa Claus, which believe it or not makes me happy. Christmas is my favorite time of year.”

In December, Rick’s PostNet franchise location embodies the giving spirit of the season. His store is daily visited by doting grandmothers and grandfathers who stand in line to send their grandchildren something from the heart.

“The majority of my shipping customers in December are grandparents,” Rick says. “Since shipping has gotten more expensive, people are mailing gift cards to their children. But for the grandchildren? They still want to send something personal. We mail a ton of toys and treats to children all across America in December. Our business doubles. We make twice as much revenue in December than we do in any other month of the year.”

Rick’s success during the holiday season is a reflection of the tremendous boom the American economy experiences during the season of merriment. Statista reports that the retail industry generates more than $3 trillion in sales, which benefits nearly every American service industry. That tremendous figure is likely to rise as Americans’ spending on holiday gifts grows year after year. American Research Group recently published a study on the average American shopper during the holiday season that predicts that Americans on average will spend $882 on gifts this holiday season — which is more than double what they spent in 2008. So in the 16 years Rick has owned his PostNet franchise, December has always been gangbusters, and it likely always will be.

A better life is one of your own making

Rick’s rise as a successful Postnet franchise owner began after a series of other careers in real estate, nonprofits and fundraising for higher education.

“I knew that I had to make a change when even my friends would groan when they saw me,” Rick says. “I became known as the guy who was always asking people for money, and that got old. I wanted to be in control of my life and of my future. I have always had the urge to go into business for myself, because I have always believed that a better life is one of your own making. When the opportunity to buy a PostNet came along, I saw it as my chance to improve my life.”

What attracted Rick to PostNet is the same thing that makes him proud to be associated with the brand today:

“The level of support that PostNet provides for their franchisees is outstanding,” Rick says. “Steve Greenbaum (CEO of PostNet) and Brian Spindel (President of PostNet) built this company, and you better believe that they want their franchisees to succeed. So many other brands have executive teams with no relation to the company as it was founded, but PostNet is led by its founders; they have skin in the game, they are hands-on. For example, in dealing with our new point-of-sale system, the president of the company gave me his cell phone number and said, ‘If you have any problems, call me.’ What other company would do that? Their leadership is also why we remain on the cutting edge. In 1999, I was impressed that PostNet had a strong presence on the internet, which was very forward-thinking. Now, we’re taught to have our own presence on the internet, with Facebook and Twitter. This helps us remain relevant and win new business.”

A valued part of the community


In today’s fast-changing business environment, PostNet maintains a competitive position by being deliberate, strategic and forward-thinking.

For Rick, the holiday season is also a testament to the versatility of the PostNet business model. The combined effect of PostNet’s national marketing initiatives and Rick’s efforts to network and market within his community drives local businesses and government agencies to Rick’s design, marketing and shipping franchise.

“With the year ending, businesses and the local government rush to spend their yearly budget before the annual funds dry up,” Rick says. “They come to me because we can do anything. We’re not just shipping, we’re not just printing and we’re not just marketing; essentially, if there is something a business needs, we can do it.”

Rick’s success also allows him to spend the holiday season playing up his Santa-like looks and giving back to the community.

“We have a very large military presence in Auburn,” Rick says. “This year, we set up the Christmas tree for the children of military families. The children hung letters on the tree addressed to Santa, which I took and personally answered. PostNet’s marketing team even helped with it! It feels great to be able to give back.”

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