Entrepreneurs Help PostNet Printing Franchises Thrive, and Vice Versa

PostNet printing franchise owners are thriving by helping other entrepreneurs grow

PostNet customers celebrate Small Business Week at a Neighborhood Business Center in Bradenton, Florida.

It’s true that small businesses are the engine that drives the economy and creates the vast majority of jobs. It’s also true that all of them face the challenge of attracting customers. PostNet printing franchises excel at providing the complete marketing services that enable them to compete and succeed, and that’s why PostNet is expanding nationwide.

Improving the odds for our customers

To keep customers walking in the door, calling on the telephone or clicking on a website, entrepreneurs and small businesses know they need to proactively market themselves. Otherwise, opportunity will pass by and knock on someone else’s door. Poor marketing is one reason the U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that half of all new establishments fail before their fifth birthday. Only about a third survive for a decade or more.

PostNet printing franchise owners dedicate themselves to improving the odds for their customers. That’s important, because Americans continue to say goodbye to corporate life and pursue their own visions. There are more than 28 million small businesses with 500 or fewer employees in the United States alone, according to the SBA.

Why do small businesses so often fail to market themselves properly? For most self-employed people and small business owners, pursuing their dream is a full time job – and more. More than half operate home-based businesses. The SBA estimates that more than 70 percent are flying solo with no one but themselves to serve their customers. As their businesses grow, entrepreneurs are confronted with a new responsibility – managing employees. One of every two people in the working population is employed by a small business. As the economy grows and creates new jobs, 65 percent are at small businesses.

A marketing franchise devoted to smaller businesses

With a 24/7 focus on serving customers and managing employees, small business owners do not have the luxury of time to devote to marketing. Staffing and equipping a marketing department is prohibitively expensive.

PostNet franchises fill that gap for small and medium-sized businesses that come to their neighborhood business center for expert help with graphic design, digital printing, website creation and other services. Many business owners think of PostNet as their marketing back office.

PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers provide full range of services

Hassle-free shipping is another reason customers seek support from their neighborhood business center. With PostNet, they never have to waste time traveling to a far-away location. PostNet business centers provide services for FedEx, UPS and DHL and are approved by the U.S. Postal Service. Business shippers appreciate that freedom of choice.

There were more than 700 million websites in 2013, a number that is expected to approach 1 billion by the end of 2014. Many are operated by small businesses that know the Internet levels the playing field and a well-designed website gives them the power to compete head to head with companies many times their size.

Others want to be online but don’t know where to start. PostNet makes it easy for those businesses to declare their presence online, where their next customer is just a click away. Small business owners visit their neighborhood business centers for services including professional website design, domain registration and hosting and mobile eCommerce websites. They also find do-it-yourself website templates and SEO, social media and email marketing tools.

PostNet is a hub for success

Success breeds success, and PostNet franchises are thriving by providing entrepreneurs and small businesses with the tools they need to prosper and grow. To learn more about the services we offer and how PostNet owners have an impact in their communities, check out our research pages or see what PostNet franchisees say about their businesses on our blog. to learn even more, download our free franchise report or give us a call at 1-877-900-6614.