Using Your Background to Build Your Franchise

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Many different paths lead to business ownership, and all entrepreneurs must start somewhere! If you’re interested in opening your own franchised business, read on to see how a variety of career backgrounds can help prepare you to build your business.



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Franchise opportunities can be very attractive to veterans, not least because many organizations (PostNet included) provide a franchise fee discount to those who have served! In addition, having a military background can provide veterans with essential skills that can contribute to the success of their business. 

Members of the military are well-known for their discipline, which is an important trait when you have no boss to answer to, and are solely responsible for your own success. Having the ability to manage your time and work toward your goals with dedication plays a huge role in the outcome of your new franchised business. Many veterans pick up a mastery of these necessary skills for franchise owners during their time in the service.

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Of the many qualities that can contribute to success in operating a franchised business, a talent for sales is one of the biggest — so it stands to reason that professional experience in sales provides a useful background for entering into the franchise world. If you can effectively sell someone else’s product or services, certainly you can sell your own even better. 

One of the most important things when it comes to growing your own business is reaching out to members of your community to connect with them and build trust. Taking the time to network and develop personal relationships with your customers can go further than even the biggest advertising budget. Some new business owners may feel uncomfortable with selling — but seasoned salespeople feel confident connecting potential customers with the products and services they need

In addition, new franchise owners coming from the competitive and goal-oriented sales business will likely possess the ambition and dedication needed to stay on track and accomplish their business objectives.



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Teaching is a rewarding career, but unfortunately, it’s easy to burn out from stress, low pay, and long hours. Luckily, if teachers decide to make a career change to small business ownership, they’ll take with them many skills that will prove valuable in their new pursuit.

Managing people is one of the most important abilities that teachers can apply to franchise ownership. If you can maintain order in a classroom full of unruly children or teenagers, navigating staff disputes or ornery customers will seem like a breeze. Plus, there’s a natural opportunity for your skills to shine when it comes to training new employees on job responsibilities and customer service.

Adaptability and organization are other valuable traits that teachers tend to possess. No two days are ever quite the same in business ownership — much like in the classroom, where teachers must be prepared to think on their feet and be ready for anything. Staying highly organized helps you maintain the flexibility to manage whatever the day may throw at you.



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When it comes to franchising, new entrepreneurs have an array of resources they can turn to for help with running their business. But one thing that can’t be provided by the franchisor is the ability to offer friendly, genuine, caring customer service — one key factor that determines whether or not your customers keep coming back. Luckily, anyone who has worked in the hospitality industry knows customer service through and through!

Understanding how to anticipate your customers’ needs, speak to them the way they wish to be spoken, and help solve their problems is crucial. The more time someone has spent working in hospitality or another customer service-heavy industry, the better equipped they’ll be to earn customer loyalty and grow their business.

No matter how unrelated your previous career field may seem, it has certainly provided you with skills that will help you in your new life as a franchise business owner. And when it comes to franchising with PostNet, you’re not going it alone. We provide support and help guide you at every step, so you can focus on putting your skills and talents to use in growing your business!


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