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The Business Behind America’s Small Business

The Printing Franchise that provides design, shipping and marketing solutions for businesses

Searching for information on business services franchises or thinking about opening a printing franchise that serves small businesses? Consider PostNet, which has won innumerable franchise industry awards, is led by a former chairman of the International Franchise Association, and has a track record of innovation that helps franchise owners grow their business by supporting other entrepreneurs in their community.

PostNet-Figure-3-commercial-updated-2014-mayLike the UPS Store franchise and FedEx Office, PostNet’s printing franchise started out as a mailbox and shipping franchise before evolving to serve a burgeoning market: Small and medium-sized businesses that need help with everything from digital printing and graphic design services to website design and shipping and logistics. We provide the tools that help small businesses grow through effective marketing.

The three industries in which we operate — digital printing, online marketing and shipping — have a combined value of more than $380 billion, and our niche within those industries is growing fast. There are more than 27 million small businesses in America. Self-employment has grown tremendously since 2001 as Americans have started their own businesses to develop a steady and rising income, and the trend has accelerated since 2008 as more people opted for business ownership over dwindling careers. PostNet is the only printing franchise system established to provide the support businesses need to prosper.


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