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PostNet Printing, Marketing and Design Franchise

PostNet franchises provide much needed small business marketing services

PostNet printing, marketing and design franchises help small and medium sized businesses thrive by offering convenient and professional printing and shipping services. What is a PostNet franchise? We offer full-service digital printing, design and marketing services for local business customers. We provide everything from business cards, brochures, banners and vehicle graphics to signage and direct mail. We also offer marketing solutions including email marketing, and website creation and even logo design. We help small businesses with parcel logistics, and can provide a shipping partner to help customers get important shipments out on time. Small businesses do a lot with a small staff and often a smaller budget – PostNet provides a solid partner to make sure the business has the marketing services it needs to grow.

A powerful business model

Entrepreneur magazine has named PostNet a top franchise opportunity for more than 20 consecutive years. Franchise Business Review has also consistently honored PostNet for its high level of franchisee satisfaction. We’re well known as a franchise system to watch. If you are considering a printing, marketing or B2B franchise, take a close look at PostNet. We have evolved from a successful pack and ship franchise to a robust platform for small business marketing services and it shows in our growth.

What makes PostNet special?

PostNet franchise owners are able to get started with a total investment of $169,767 to $212,275, which includes working capital. Traditional printing and marketing franchises that offer only a fraction of the services — and market potential — generally cost 2-3 times as much to startup. Unlike printing franchises, we have smaller equipment packages and a more affordable buildout – we want our franchisees to have the equipment they need to be successful.

PostNet owners use a few pieces of equipment for in-house printing production and are able to use outsourced partnerships to handle everything else. PostNet’s outsourced partnerships allow PostNet franchisees to handle a wide variety of jobs without having to own costly, specialized equipment. Franchisees enjoy great profit margins — often in excess of 70% — while acting as a project manager on behalf of clients. The digital printing and marketing services industry has gone through tremendous changes in the past few years; from new technology to adapting tactics for marketing, our franchsiees are often better positioned to provide critical and cost effective services than a local print or copy shop.

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PostNet’s shipping partnerships also fuel the growth of its printing operations. PostNet is an authorized shipping partner for FedEx, UPS and DHL. That makes us an incredibly convenient spot for people who need to ship packages, and the FedEx, UPS and DHL websites list PostNet as drop-off locations — directing their customers to our franchisees’ front doors. Once a customer walks in, they discover a world of services.

Second, consider the lifestyle. Unlike many franchise opportunities, PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers operate during normal business hours. A typical PostNet location is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and for a half day on Saturday. Franchisees enjoy a business with a lot of potential, and they get to have a life outside their business, too.

PostNet printing franchise: a great family business

Owners of a PostNet franchise for sale
Terry and Kathy Stokes power the marketing for many ski-related businesses in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Kathy and Terry Stokes offer a great example of what makes the PostNet business model special. The couple lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado — a popular tourist destination thanks to outstanding snow skiing. Kathy and Terry opened their PostNet in Steamboat because they saw an opportunity to bring badly needed shipping and printing resources to the town, and they wanted to own a business that would allow them to spend some time on the powder, too! Their business enjoys a solid mixture of consumers who need help shipping fragile, oversized, important or everyday items, and business customers who want to outsource their shipping and logistics or need help creating marketing materials they can use to win over tourists.

“The whole reason we bought a PostNet — we saw that it was flexible and could adjust and grow — keeps being true,” Kathy says.

The business model makes PostNet a great family business. PostNet is full of husband-wife, father-son and mother-daughter teams who work together to build the business.


Printing franchise owners celebrate 10-year anniversary
Friends in the business community helped the Fenolios celebrate their 10th anniversary as PostNet owners in 2012.

Irene Fenolio, who owns a Neighborhood Business Center near Las Vegas with her husband, Ron, says that helping small business owners grow is one of the things she truly loves about their business.

“If our country is going to stay strong, we’ve got to focus on small businesses and helping them grow, and it’s exciting to know that we are part of that,” she says.

PostNet’s experience

PostNet has been franchising since 1993, and its roots go back even further. PostNet co-founders Steve Greenbaum and Brian Spindel started the pack-and-ship business that has evolved into PostNet in the early 1980s, and the business has prospered and endured through every kind of economy — the rapid growth of the Reagan and Clinton years, the early 1990s recession, and the Great Recession.

The three industries in which we operate — printing, marketing and shipping — have a combined value of more than $380 billion. A PostNet franchise owner can offer all of the popular pack-and-ship services while also competing head-to-head with a full-scale printing franchise with just a fraction of the investment.

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