Technology Powers PostNet

PostNet is a consistent innovator for both its customers and its franchisees

PostNet was founded on the core conviction that the company would continue to embrace technology and use it to meet the needs of customers and franchisees. In other words, “to evolve with consumer needs and technology,” according to President and COO Brian Spindel. Here’s a look at some of the technology that enables PostNet centers to thrive:

Tools for serving customers

Print estimator: PostNet centers offer a wide variety of printing options, and this tool helps franchisees walk customers through the options for different types of printing projects. Does the client need a brochure? How many? Color or black-and-white? What paper weight? Would they like a coating to make it durable and shiny? How would they like it to fold? What size paper would they like? These are the types of questions the system will remind you and your staff to ask, helping you capture every important detail. Based on what the customer wants, and how quickly they want it, the estimator will recommend a price for the job.

Proprietary point-of-sale system (POS)/center management system: Our point-of-sale system makes it easy for franchisees to quickly and easily quote and manage the entire shipping transaction. That’s no small feat, since franchisees offer service through four different carriers delivering to nearly all corners of the globe. Depending on the type of package a customer wants to deliver, how quickly they want it to arrive, and where, we can recommend the best shipping option. PostNet’s POS system also includes a mailbox manager, packaging estimator and is integrated with QuickBooks Online for seamless accounting support.

PostNet owners and team members walk customers through the options for creating different types of print projects. First and foremost, what is the objective of the print project?  Who are they sending it to? How many pieces do they want or need? Then comes the fun part. By using a set of samples and examples customers are guided through the print process and select paper type and weight, document format and folding options and finishing services. It is also integrated with our online print center so customers can quickly and easily order and reorder online.

Online print center: The online print center allows customers to place print orders online. It’s a convenient tool for new customers and an exceptional tool for repeat customers, since it allows them to re-order quickly, anytime, from anywhere.

Tools for winning customers PostNet’s website underwent a significant redesign in 2014, and the purpose was to drive higher search engine visibility for our franchisees, drive customers to their centers  and encourage repeat business. We accomplished this by upending the way franchise websites normally work. Most franchise system websites spend a lot of time describing services, but only devote a page describing each individual franchisee. We engineered so that new visitors are encouraged to select a local center, and that center then becomes the face of, with information about the local center embedded in each page of the site.

Online print center: The online print center makes engaging with PostNet convenient, anytime, anywhere. When you are in bed at 2 a.m., customers can still place orders. When you are out meeting potential new clients at a networking dinner, a longtime customer can re-order business cards, invoice forms or other materials. Each center has access to its own online print center, and the tool is connected to PostNet vendor partners. That integration allows you to fulfill some orders yourself while assigning other jobs to partners at the click of a button, which gives you a ton of flexibility and ensures you never have to send work away.

Tools for running your business

PostNet also provides an intranet that franchisees can use to quickly find answers to questions, thanks to a vast library of resources and an active message board that PostNet franchisees use to share ideas.



Wiki knowledge database: PostNet’s intranet features an ever-expanding Wiki-style knowledge database that provides human resources materials, such as training manuals, troubleshooting guides for equipment and details about how to provide different types of services for customers.

Internal message boards: Franchisees also use internal message boards to get answers to questions. Business support coaches at PostNet HQ monitor the boards and answer questions, and so do franchisees nationwide. Franchisees share best practices and problem-solve together, with help from headquarters. It’s one of the reasons our franchisees are a tight-knit group.

These tools, combined with training and support from PostNet HQ, allow franchisees to serve customers, win more customers and tap into the collective knowledge of PostNet owners nationwide to maximize their business.

The time is now to bring PostNet to your community

PostNet is a low-cost investment opportunity with a proven business model that offers high potential returns. The total investment necessary to begin a PostNet franchise ranges from $174,767 to $217,275. PostNet is a substantially more affordable investment than several of our indirect competitors, and our rapid buildout time allows our franchise owners to potentially hasten their return on investment. Once a site is selected, a new PostNet can be open in six to eight weeks. Most importantly, our innovative Online Print Center platform allows new franchise owners to begin selling PostNet services and earning a profit from the moment an address is selected for a new PostNet store, potentially making the return on investment even faster.