PostNet Franchise Reviews: Meet Our Franchise Owners

PostNet franchise owners open up about what they love about their businesses

PostNet franchise owners take on a meaningful position in their communities. As the local partner for print, shipping and marketing solutions, their small business customers know where to take their business if they want their businesses to grow.

After nearly three decades as one of the most consistently successful franchise systems in the United States and abroad, PostNet has been incredibly fortunate in the quality of entrepreneurs who choose to join our rapidly growing brand. While PostNet offers a proven business model and the visionary leadership of our executive team, what truly makes PostNet unique in the franchising space is our culture of teamwork and peer-to-peer support. Every PostNet franchise owner is as invested in the success of their peers as they are in the success of their business.

PostNet franchise owners come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and demographic makeup, including age, race, gender and religion. At PostNet, we succeed because we care for the whole.

This is what our franchise owners have to say about why they love PostNet:

“The level of support that PostNet provides for their franchisees is outstanding. Brian Spindel (President and COO of PostNet) built this company, and you better believe that he wants their franchisees to succeed. So many other brands have executive teams with no relation to the company as it was founded, but PostNet is led by its founder; he has skin in the game and is hands-on. For example, in dealing with our new point-of-sale system, Brian gave me his cell phone number and said, ‘If you have any problems, call me.’ What other company would do that? Their leadership is also why we remain on the cutting edge. In 1999, I was impressed that PostNet had a strong presence on the internet, which was very forward-thinking. Now, we’re taught to have our own presence on the internet, with Facebook and Twitter. This helps us remain relevant and win new business.”

Rick Groves, owner of a PostNet franchise in Auburn, Indiana

“From the get-go, I knew that my PostNet location was the best resource small businesses had for marketing services in the area. Slowly but surely, our reputation grew. I run my business like a marketing firm. I don’t sell a product; I sell solutions. Our consultative approach to service ensures that whatever our customer’s business challenges may be, we provide the personalized solutions they deserve. When a customer comes in with a new campaign, we start by asking them about the end goal — what are they looking to achieve. We do research, we ask questions and we follow up after the campaign has implemented. We want to make sure the customer has a big return on their investment; we are truly personally invested in our customers’ success.”

John Lorenzo, owner of a PostNet franchise in Sicklerville, New Jersey

“After I first walked into a PostNet, I stopped looking at any other opportunities for business ownership. I could see that this brand was going to have staying power. I was impressed by the level of customer service and the quality of the services that PostNet offered.The level of support that PostNet offers means that we’re not in this alone. They are accessible to us if we ever need anything, and they also give us our independence. The PostNet executive team listens to us and is supportive of us — they want us to be successful as much as we want that for ourselves. My goal is to be within the top 100 PostNet franchise stores in the country, and I know we will get there.”

Aru Param, owner of a PostNet franchise in Las Vegas, Nevada

“Our primary job is to solve problems for our customers. The only way you’ll go out of business is when people run out of problems. We are entirely focused on an exceptional level of customer service, and that separates us from our competitors. When our customers walk out our doors, we make sure that they are confident that they have been taken care of. That makes our customers very loyal. This business is challenging, but you’re always going to be learning — which keeps you alert as a business owner.”

Ken Rodes, owner of a PostNet franchise in Davidson, North Carolina

“From the beginning, the level of support has been exceptional. Brian Spindel (President and COO) has a vested interest in the success of our stores. We made it out of the Great Recession together, and now I’m on solid financial footing. There’s a lot of camaraderie among the owners; they are there to help guide you and mentor you. I’ve made a lot of lifelong bonds in the network of PostNet franchise owners. This is going to be a great business well into the future.”

Bill Martindale, a veteran PostNet franchise owner in Sturgis, Michigan

The results of our efforts can best be seen as PostNet franchise owners reinvest in our brand by opening additional locations and entrepreneurs across all age demographics, professional histories and personal backgrounds are franchising with PostNet and finding equal success.