PostNet Printing Franchise vs.The UPS® Store Franchise

The PostNet printing, design, and shipping franchise offers lower costs and greater potential returns when compared with The UPS Store franchise



There are more than 21.8 million small business firms and establishments with fewer than 100 employees in the United States, according to 2012 data from the Census Bureau — lawyers, accountants, consultants, plumbers and doctors to name just a few. They’re skilled professionals who have mastered their trade — but they often struggle to market their skills to new customers.

PostNet used to be a lot like The UPS® Store, a primarily pack-and-ship franchise that offered some business services. In the past several years, however, PostNet has transformed itself into something much bigger: a printing franchise that offers integrated marketing solutions to help America’s small businesses grow.

The market potential is huge. The three industries in which PostNet operates — digital printing, online marketing, and shipping — have a combined value of more than $380 billion, and PostNet’s niche is growing quickly. More than 400,000 businesses are opened annually, according to recent numbers by the U.S. Census Bureau — and each of those owners and managers can benefit from the services PostNet offers.

Which business services franchise works best for you? There are several options to investigate, and Denver-based PostNet has been rated among the top franchise opportunities by Entrepreneur magazine for more than 20 years running, and Franchise Business Review has consistently lauded PostNet for its franchisee satisfaction. Additionally, PostNet works hard to make the franchise opportunity accessible. We’ve put together a comparison chart showing how PostNet stacks up against The UPS® Store:

PostNet The UPS® Store*
Liquid capital required $60,000 $60,000
Total investment $160,667-$197,650 $176,066-$331,353
Total units** 725 4,741
Franchising since 1993 1980
Premium markets available Yes Limited availability

** Estimated units as of July 1,2013

5 Reasons Anyone Thinking about Shipping Franchise Ownership Should Look at PostNet

Diversification. PostNet started as a pack-and-ship business model and still draws robust revenue from that line of business — but has also developed a huge new revenue stream as a printing and online marketing provider to businesses near its Neighborhood Business Centers. By focusing on networking and sales, PostNet owners are able to build relationships within the community that lead to repeat sales and higher average tickets.

Choice of carriers. PostNet is a preferred shipping partner with major carriers such as FedEx, the U.S. Postal Service, DHL — even UPS® — which allows PostNet to offer customers the best shipping options.

Integrated services. Small business owners are very busy. They don’t want to go one place to ship packages, somewhere else for logo design and other graphic design help, somewhere else for printing and signage, and yet another place for help designing a website. PostNet can help small businesses accomplish all these things and more, allowing professionals to focus on serving customers while PostNet helps them grow by offering marketing solutions.

Proven leadership. PostNet is led by its founders, CEO Brian Spindel. Brian has provided operational support to business owners for nearly 30 years, and has established industry-leading training and support programs for franchisees, which include an open line of communication with top management. PostNet’s open and collaborative culture has allowed innovation to flourish.

Premium territories. PostNet plans to add about 200 more locations in the United States to serve the needs of business customers. PostNet doesn’t aim to match the sheer number of franchisees who are part of The UPS® Store. Having a smaller footprint allows PostNet franchisees to aggressively pursue business customers without competing amongst themselves.

Learn More About PostNet

PostNet offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a business that benefits the community by giving other entrepreneurs the tools they need to grow. Learn more by downloading a free franchise report at or call 866-379-5649 to start a conversation.