Huffington Post Features PostNet Design, Print, and Shipping Franchise Owner Marisa Lenci

National publication profiles a successful woman-owned and run design, print, and shipping franchise

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Marisa Lenci


Marisa Lenci, owner of a PostNet design, print, and shipping franchise in the dynamic small business hub of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, was recently profiled by The Huffington Post about her experience as a successful businesswoman.

The article, entitled “Women in Business: Marisa Lenci, Franchise owner, PostNet, Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania” and written by Huffington Post staff writer Laura Dunn, reveals an assertive, determined, and confident franchisee.

When asked about the biggest issue women face in the workplace, Marisa recounts her own experience and realization that in order to succeed, she had to be a knowledgeable resource for her community.

“I found it very challenging initially to integrate into a very male-dominated engineering environment at Motorola,” Marisa says of her job history before joining PostNet. “I found the best formula for me was to be knowledgeable about my area of responsibility, be flexible regarding the solutions we offered, and be a strong collaborator and willing to entertain a variety of ideas. Being comfortable in my skin and projecting a calm confidence worked well for me in the corporate arena.”

Marisa made the decision to partner with PostNet after realizing she had acquired at Motorola the skill set she needed to strike out on her own. Owning a PostNet design, print and shipping franchise challenged her at first, however, to become more collaborative and less competitive. Those challenges became learning experiences, which Marisa turned into strengths. She now is focused on ensuring that her business is adding value to the Lehigh Valley small business community.

“I really want PostNet to be a recognized and well-liked contributor to the success of the downtown and surrounding business communities,” she says in the article. “My biggest challenge during this startup phase is balancing being in my center … and being out and about introducing myself and the PostNet brand to the community. I hope by next year at this time, every business in the downtown area has had an opportunity to engage with us on some level for their business and marketing needs.”

postnet shipping franchise

Marisa also offers insight to other women who are thinking about starting their own franchises.

“Make sure you’re a good fit with the franchise,” Marisa says. “Pay attention to your values and core beliefs and be sure they’re aligned with the franchise. One of the biggest reasons I selected PostNet was their small business culture. … Having come from a company as large as Motorola, corporate culture was very, very important to me. I didn’t want to invest in a business opportunity where I would be stifled in bureaucracy and red tape trying to get things done. Know what’s important to you, and find a good fit.”

To learn more about Marisa and her experience as a successful PostNet franchisee, read our Q&A with her by clicking here.

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