PostNet Franchise Review: Meet Becky Murphy-Hatosy

PostNet franchise owner opens up about how the importance of community is central to the success of her printing and shipping franchise

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The small city of Paragould, Arkansas is where Becky Murphy-Hatosy has lived and worked for the entirety of her professional life. With a population slowly approaching 30,000, there’s a real opportunity to be a part of the community, establish relationships with local businesses, support nonprofits, churches and schools, and to see the results of your efforts make an impact in the daily lives of your neighbors. For Becky, this isn’t just an opportunity, but a commitment that has helped her PostNet franchise flourish over the years.

“I’ve always been a people person,” Becky says. “I like to be involved and stay involved, and being a PostNet franchise owner has allowed me to contribute to my community in a meaningful way. In a small town like this, it’s easy to reach out and be appreciated for reaching out – and being that the PostNet business model is built on community outreach to win new business, it is my duty to do it. My PostNet is a hub for Paragould, and we rely on each other to succeed.”

Becky has always been entrepreneurial. Beginning in realestate when she was a teenager, Becky eventually started a dog kennel business that she worked successfully for several years. When the local UPS store closed down due to relationship problems, Becky says that a lightbulb went off in her mind and immediately began investigating opening up a similar business to meet the needs of her community.

“I was looking into opening up the UPS again, when my sister asked me why I would open up a UPS when there was another brand called PostNet that could do so much more,” Becky says. “I took her advice and began researching PostNet, and I knew that this was the right business for me. Not only did PostNet offer shipping with all of the national and international carriers, they also offered printing and graphic design work meant to support local small businesses. I opened my business in 2007, and set out to grow my business.”

Becoming a meaningful part of the community

A decade after Becky opened her PostNet franchise, her business is busy every single day. She employs a small staff of five, and encourages them to go out and network to bring business in, even going as far as training a few of her employees to do local outreach as part of their regular weekly duties.

“My theory is that everyone knows different people, so I encourage them to act as ambassadors for our brand,” Becky says. “We keep up with everything that’s going on – from chamber meetings and events, to when the annual fair is going to happen. I make phone calls and ask them, ‘what do you need?’ We win a lot of business that way, and we’ve won a lot of regulars in the process. People appreciate that we care about the things that are happening in town, and they know that our interest is genuine – and being genuine goes a long way in a small town.”

In addition to staying ahead of the larger events, Becky also keeps track of smaller events as well: church and school functions, local fundraisers, and helping the local theater sell tickets to its weekly concerts and shows.

“Taking part in the community is tremendously helpful in getting people to walk through the doors,” Becky says. “Every time someone comes and purchases something we give them a coupon to encourage them not only to come back, but to explain just how varied our service offering really is. We offer discounts to schools, churches and nonprofits every time they need something done: from banners to business cards. We believe in taking care of each other, especially if we’re in a position where we can help. It not only helps bring in new business, but what if the situations were reversed and we needed help? A small community needs to be supportive to be successful.”

A bright future with a worthy brand

While Becky isn’t planning on retiring any time soon, she is grooming her store manager to become the next owner of the business.

“I have a manager who is just one of the brightest woman I know, who loves this business and would thrive as an owner,” Becky says. “I’m working on paying off my debts and ensuring that my business keeps growing, so that when I pass it on to her, I will know it will be successful for years to come.”

PostNet is one of the rare brands that exists to support small business owners, but Becky says that the right PostNet franchise owner needs to be someone who lives and breathes the business if they are going to be successful.

“When I go to Walmart or out to dinner, I am going to talk to someone about PostNet,” Becky says. “You need to confident in talking to people and have the natural desire to help the people in your community if you’re going to be successful. You have to think large and small: from getting involved in local organizations, to reaching out to new businesses when they open, to bringing PostNet pens to give to the waitresses where you eat dinner. You just need to always be thinking about PostNet when you meet someone new. How busy your business becomes is entirely up to you, but there is opportunity everywhere.”

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