Listen to PostNet Printing Franchise CEO Steve Greenbaum on Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast

CEO discusses the professional journey that led to the creation and evolution of PostNet, a printing franchise serving the marketing needs of small businesses

When considering a franchise, wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to peek into the mind of the CEO and see what makes a brand’s leader tick? PostNet CEO Steve Greenbaum recently shared his thoughts on business and his own professional journey with John Lee Dumas, host of Entrepreneur On Fire, a podcast that shares lessons from business leaders. Here’s your chance to get a great understanding of the PostNet printing franchise.

Here’s one quick excerpt:

Listen to the full episode here.

PostNet’s evolution

PostNet was co-founded by Steve and President and CFO Brian Spindel, two friends who started their first mailbox and shipping store together in the 1980s. Their success led others to ask for help setting up their own mailbox stores, and Steve and Brian operated a thriving consultancy, learning how to help new business owners get up and running. By the early 1990s, they realized that rather than setting up hundreds of independent businesses, they could help new business owners achieve greater success by bringing them together under a single brand. PostNet was born in 1993 and now has more than 700 locations worldwide.

The franchise quickly began to evolve. As customers asked for services like copying and faxing, PostNet added equipment to serve their needs. As PostNet’s capabilities grew, its customer base expanded beyond people bringing in packages to include more and more small business owners seeking help with their printing, graphic design and marketing needs.

Steve and Brian, as well as several franchisees, recognized an untapped market: the millions of Americans who are independent professionals or own small businesses, and who need help marketing their businesses. PostNet is now focused on serving those small business customers and helping them grow by providing professional-looking signs and marketing materials, websites, and integrated marketing strategies. PostNet has become the business behind America’s small business.

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