How PostNet Printing Franchise Helps Author Fulfill His Mission to Build a Better World

Tony Bottagaro has been an ambassador for the PostNet printing franchise, which helps the author raise money for charities

Inspirational speaker Tony Bottagaro is a devoted customer of the PostNet printing franchise in Longmont, Colo.

Inspirational speaker Tony Bottagaro is a devoted customer of the PostNet printing franchise in Longmont, Colo.

It’s not uncommon for Tony Bottagaro to pop into Harry and Roberta Lozinski’s PostNet printing franchise in Longmont, Colo., three times a week or more.

The veteran inspirational speaker, actor, storyteller  and author needs help to produce a bevy of items and services to help with publicity — posters, handouts, brochures and flyers, and shipping, printing and graphic design services among them.

 When Bottagaro first discovered the Lozinski’s PostNet printing franchise in 2005, he was simply relieved to find a one-stop shop for his printing, publicity and design needs. He quickly found a true kinship with Harry and Roberta and their staff.

 “They are the kind of people you want to deal with,” Bottagaro says. “They are professional in every sense of the word, and they are highly skilled. But they are also very caring. When you go in you feel welcome.

 “The timeliness of their product can’t be beat, and their graphics are top notch,” Bottagaro adds. “But it’s just as important to me that they are doing more than pursuing the bottom line. Their store has a real sense of community. I believe they really love their customers.”

Harry Lozinski owns a PostNet printing franchise in Longmont, Colo.

Harry Lozinski owns a PostNet printing franchise in Longmont, Colo.

That word — love — is one that Bottagaro uses a lot in his public performances, which can range from inspirational talks to high school students, one-man persona-style performances as Poppy the Explorer to young children, or appearances as Mario the Peddlar to audiences of all ages.

 “It probably sounds airy-fairy, but it’s not,” Bottagaro said of the content of his performances. “I’ve been taking this message of love out into the world for over 30 years to anyone who will listen. As a society we need to believe that love can still work. We need to give it a chance.”

A lot of people have listened to Bottagaro, and many organizations benefit from his performances since they are often staged as benefits for schools, libraries, churches and non-profit organizations. His presentations have been seen in a variety of religious, social, political and business arenas—the White House, Congress, the U.S. State Department, the Pentagon, and the United Nations.

 Bottagaro even had an audience with Pope John II and has received glowing praise from public figures such as Norman Vincent Peale and astronaut Jim Irwin.

 In addition to his public speaking career, Bottagaro has authored best-selling books, including “The Poet, the Count and the Peddlar,” and written and produced an award-winning book and accompanying documentary film, “To Create a More Human and Divine World.”

 In fact, when he needs to ship books, he can stop into his the Longmont PostNet franchise store for help.

 Harry Lozinski says it’s gratifying to know PostNet can help spread Bottagaro’s uplifting message and benefit non-profits and charities along the way.

 “He’s a really good ambassador for our PostNet franchise,” Lozinski says. “People who he’s involved with see our work and some have become clients.”

 Bottagaro feels fortunate to do business with the Lozinskis, primarily because he feels they represent the very best of what can happen in a service business.

 “Harry and Roberta show what can be done,” he says. “They are full of creativity, expertise and have a heart for service. I go in to see them a lot, and I’ve always been taken care of. They certainly show one form of love in action. It’s just wonderful to see it flowering in a place of business.”