From Iraq to McKinney, TX for New PostNet Franchise Owner


By Andrew Snyder, McKinney Courier-Gazette

For Mark Schulz, becoming a McKinney business owner was a rapid process. In early June and less than a week after his last day on orders with the Marine Corps, he closed on the PostNet along Eldorado and traveled to corporate headquarters in Denver for franchisee training.

Since returning from a tour in Iraq he hardly had chance to put his bags down.

“I got off duty, left Chicago where I was stationed, drove to the Detroit area where I had my stuff and then I loaded up and came down here,” Schulz said. “I had about a day before I came and closed on the business.”

PostNet is the first store Schulz has owned, though he previously ran an eBay store part-time where he saved up money for his current venture. To mark the change in ownership he held a grand reopening on Sept. 23 and hosted members of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce for a ribbon cutting and lunch cookout of bratwurst and hot dogs.

So far Schulz said he’s enjoying running his own business.

“It’s a lot of hours but everyone I’ve talked to that owns their own business says, ‘Join the club. That’s how it is.’”

Before becoming a franchisee, Schulz served eight and a half years in the Marine Corps—five on active duty and the remainder as a reservist—a stint that including two tours in Iraq as an air traffic controller. His first tour began in 2004 on an air base about seven miles west of Fallujah during the height of the insurgency. His second started in 2009 at Al Asad Airfield, a large, remote air base 100 miles west of Baghdad.

During his latter, tamer time in Iraq, Schulz began thinking about buying a business, focusing on prospects in major metropolitan areas in the south including DFW, San Antonio, Orlando, Tampa and Atlanta. Cities in Texas were of particular interest given the state’s strong economic climate compared to his home state of Michigan.

Schulz said he happened upon the PostNet in McKinney while looking into a UPS store in Gun Barrel City and decided to buy it due to a combination of location and the flexibility given to PostNet franchisees in running their business.

“I just kind of stumbled across it and started evaluating it. Basically, I found it to be a good situation for me. Good area, great city near a major city in a state that has an excellent economy. So I went ahead and purchased the store.”

The store’s principal business is printing, followed closely by shipping. Schulz said the busiest month of the year is coming up in October, as PTAs from schools in the area finalize their directories and bring them in to be printed. PostNet also prints programs for the McKinney Repertory Theatre, has a printing contract with Collin County and handles plenty of business card orders.

Schulz remains affiliated with the Marine Corps as a member of the inactive ready reserve, meaning he doesn’t drill like a typical reservist but can still be called up. He said he plans to join another reserve unit but wants to make sure his business is running smoothly first, adding that two weeks away can seem like a lifetime to a new business owner.

For now he’s busy becoming familiar with the local community.

“Anytime somebody is new to an area there’s a certain amount of getting used to it and everybody getting used to you being there,” Schulz said.

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