The PostNet Franchise Family Honors Our Own Andy Collins

The nation’s leading design, printing and shipping franchise honors longtime PostNet HQ employee for his exceptional support, kindness and continued commitment to help our franchisees thrive

PostNet is far more than an iconic franchise system that has been helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams of small business ownership; we’re a family composed of people from different backgrounds and professional histories that take pride in helping each other succeed. There is no one on our team that exemplifies this more than Andy Collins, Director of Franchise Services and Print Operations at PostNet HQ.

“I’m a servant by nature,” Andy says. “If I’m in a position where I can help people succeed, realize their goals or assist in solving problems, than I am happy. PostNet really gave me a family atmosphere which allowed me to grow professionally. I was given the opportunity to match my own professional desires with my knowledge and my heartbeat, and the fruits have really shown in terms of the camaraderie I have with our franchisees and how supportive they have been to me.”

Employee of the year Andy Collins

Andy started his career at PostNet HQ as a Business Support Consultant over 7 years ago, which found him going from one PostNet center to the next, helping franchisees find solutions to grow their businesses. Andy was uniquely qualified to provide ground-level support as he had spent several years in the print industry prior to joining PostNet, including working in shops for other printing brands. In the process, Andy forged relationships with franchisees that continue to deepen to this day.

“When I first started, I was the only Business Support Consultant who had worked in a print shop, so I was able to win the trust of franchisees,” Andy says. “I had traveled on the road that the franchisees were on. It was almost peer-to-peer problem solving, because I had intimate knowledge of the challenges that they were facing and we worked together to find solutions. In my time at PostNet, I can say that we have some of the most hard working, brilliant business people in any franchise system I’ve encountered. The fact that I’ve been able to work so closely with them has been a real blessing.”

In Andy’s current role as Director of Franchise Services and Print Operations, he’s located in our headquarters in Lakewood, CO (just outside of Denver), where he helps to support the entire franchise network. Franchisees call Andy when they need help with technology, want to brainstorm ideas, or have questions that only he can answer.

“I’m really lucky with my current position because our training and support is so extensive that franchisees only call me when they really need help,” Andy says. “I work as hard as I can to deliver the help they’re seeking, but also to train them on their current issue so that the next time it comes up, they don’t need to call me. I try to empower our franchisees with knowledge.”

When the time came for PostNet franchisees to pay back all the support they’ve received from Andy over the years, they immediately rose to the occasion. They honored him with the PostNet HQ Employee of the Year not once but twice at our annual Thrive Conference two years in a row, which brings together franchisees from all corners of North America along with our executive team. In fact, Andy is the only person to win the award thus far, as it was established in 2016 and the winner is determined by the franchisees.

“To be honored by my peers, the people I work to support every single day, is very overwhelming,” Andy says. “To win the award twice in a row, I don’t have any words. I’m glad that I’ve been able to be of help to them. That’s what I focus on day-in and day-out.”

When Andy’s daughter became ill with a rare genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1), Trent and Rachelle Turner, PostNet franchise owners who grew to have a deep friendship with Andy over the years quietly launched a Go Fund Me page to raise money to offset the staggering medical bills Andy was facing to get his daughter the treatment she needed. They shared it with the PostNet franchise network and the HQ team, and in no time, they raised $30,000 dollars.

“There was a lot of tears in my house when we found out what Trent and Rachelle had done to help us, tears of happiness,” Andy says. “I try and keep work and my personal life as far apart as I can. But Trent and I began talking to each other as fathers and they saw that my family needed help and acted on it. The fact that they got that kind of response from the PostNet family was incredible. I have three other children, and having to spend so much money on medical bills, surgeries and chemotherapy can level a family. For the first time in a long time, I could just be a dad to my children. I wasn’t sweating about making payments, and trying to see how far we could stretch our income. I could just concentrate on my family, and that means everything to me.”

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