PostNet Printing Franchise Has Prime Locations Available in Maricopa County

Fast-growing printing franchise is expanding in Maricopa County to serve entrepreneurs

Lovely Mitchell and Sandi Fleming recently bought a PostNet Neighborhood Business Center in Tempe.

Lovely Mitchell and Sandi Fleming recently bought a PostNet Neighborhood Business Center in Tempe.

Business is bouncing back in Maricopa County, and as entrepreneurs open new companies and work to expand, they are turning to PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers for help with marketing strategies and solutions. We help them establish and grow their brand by offering a full range of printing solutions as well as graphic design, online marketing and shipping — and they reward PostNet franchise owners with customer loyalty and long-term business relationships.

PostNet is seeking franchise partners to help us meet the growing demand for business services throughout Maricopa County. The area’s ongoing growth and entrepreneurial spirit makes it a great spot for a PostNet Center.

Why Maricopa County is a great area for PostNet

The need for small business marketing solutions is huge. In 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau counted 83,468 businesses in Maricopa County — and 71,000 of them had 19 employees or fewer. About 46,000 had five employees or fewer.

Lovely Mitchell and her mother, Sandi Fleming, are perfect examples. Each of them started their own businesses in Maricopa County. Lovely owned a shoe cleaning product business and Sandi owned a nail salon, which gave them a front-row perspective for the challenges that small business owners face in marketing and growing their businesses.

The chance to help other businesses thrive attracted them to PostNet. Lovely expects their PostNet in Tempe to become a printing and marketing powerhouse that will grow by helping other businesses succeed.

Here’s where PostNet sees the most demand for our services:

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Downtown Phoenix: The financial and business hub of the county is filled with entrepreneurs who eagerly network with one another and are always on the lookout for ways to grow. According to the Downtown Phoenix Partnership, more than 66,000 people work within a 1-mile radius of the downtown core — creating an incredible density of potential B2B customers for PostNet Business Center to serve. If you are willing to go out and meet them, and help them improve the way they market their services, you can have a big impact.

Maricopa County has more than 71,000 small businesses. (Photo by Flickr Creative Commons / Raymond Bucko)

Maricopa County has more than 71,000 small businesses. (Photo by Flickr Creative Commons / Raymond Bucko)

Westside business districts: Avondale, Goodyear and Buckeye all have growing business districts that lack a B2B franchise capable of delivering the range of services that PostNet offers. The Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce provide a wealth of opportunities to learn about other businesses in the community and find ways to help them.

Mesa business district: Downtown Mesa pulses with restaurants, schools, museums, and shops — and all of them rely on strong marketing materials and strategies in order to win business. A PostNet Center would allow you to contribute to the vibrancy of the business district by providing business owners and managers the tools they need to reel people in.

Photo by Flickr Creative Commons / Peter Eisenman

Photo by Flickr Creative Commons / Peter Eisenman

Glendale business district: The Grand Avenue corridor is one of the hottest commercial real estate districts in the Phoenix area. The Thunderbird School of Global Management supplies a steady stream of MBA graduates. Develop relationships with them now and benefit for years to come.

Scottsdale: Key industries here include tourism, retail, biomedical and biotechnology, software design, financial services and light manufacturing. In addition to serving a growing business community, a PostNet in Scottsdale could also serve the legions of business travelers who attend conferences here, providing quick printing and graphics design services to help them make the best presentations.

Tempe: Arizona State University is an economic powerhouse that helps drive research that has made Tempe a hotbed for biomedical research, security and defense, IT and environmental technologies. More than 40% of residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and business ideas constantly percolate. There are nearly 17,000 businesses in Tempe, and you can help clients’ ideas take root.

Meet Mark and Sarah King

PostNet Business Centers thrive in downtown districts by meeting with other business owners and serving as an outsourced marketing services provider.

PostNet Business Centers thrive in downtown districts by meeting with other business owners and serving as an outsourced marketing services provider.

Mark and Sarah King opened the first two PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers in Phoenix in 1994 and have overseen the growth of the brand as PostNet expanded to its current 17 locations throughout Maricopa County. Demand was so high for services, and the expansion of PostNet was so great, they sold their stores in order to fully support other franchisees as area representatives.

“I have a lot of diversified experience,” Mark says. “I owned my own centers for 12 years, and have done the day-to-day running of the business, so I am in step with what it’s like to start and run a successful business. I provide training and support. One of the things I’m proud about is that this group of franchisees has always worked together well and helped propel the brand forward. We have great people, and they have a great opportunity.”

Mark says his Phoenix-area PostNet is “a very entrepreneurial area. There’s not an incredibly long history here — the population has grown tremendously over the last 50 years, so there’s nobody who can say they’ve been in business for 100 years and they’ve cornered a market. You can set up shop here and play on an equal field, and that has encouraged people to venture out on their own. There are many, many businesses here that start out as home-based businesses.

“They may start out by needing a private mailbox, which we can provide, and they need business cards, which we can provide. Then they need brochures. As you help them grow, their marketing needs grow — and we can continue to provide those solutions. We build long-term relationships with our customers, and as they grow, we grow.”

Who we’re looking for

The PostNet investment requires a minimum net worth of $350,000 and the ability to tap into $60,000 available in liquid capital. The investment itself is $162,000 to $200,650, which includes working and operating capital.

We are looking for people who share our passion for being a part of the community and helping others succeed. As a B2B franchise, it’s important to network and meet with other business owners, learn about their challenges and offer them real solutions. As a PostNet owner, you will be able to offer an amazing array of services and products to help other businesses market themselves effectively and overcome other challenges that can derail success for small and medium-sized businesses. If you have a passion for entrepreneurship or small business and would enjoy helping them and seeing them grow, then we hope to meet you soon!

Learn more

If you’re curious to learn more, fill out the form below to download our free franchise report and start a conversation, or give Mark and Sarah a call directly for an in-depth discussion of the franchise opportunity. Here’s their contact information:

Mark and Sarah King
Maricopa County Area Representative
PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers