Master Franchise Opportunity — PostNet is a Global Franchise

PostNet has been a global franchise from the very beginning, and our mix of business services and international shipping has made us an essential business partner is many parts of the world. International business has been one of the key drivers of PostNet’s growth. We actually have more franchisees in other countries (400+) than we do in the United States (300+)!

Master Franchise partners have been a key to PostNet’s success. Partners own the rights to the brand within their territories and collect royalties and fees from the franchisees they support.

PostNet currently has Master Franchise Developers in:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Panama
  • South Africa
  • Venezuela

Master Franchise opportunities are available in most parts of the world. To learn more about developing PostNet internationally, please fill out  our International Information Form on this page:

Request for PostNet International Franchise Information

Interested in a PostNet International Master Franchise? Master Franchises require a minimum of $300,000 in investment capital. Complete this form to receive additional information.
  • After carefully reviewing the website and materials, I am interested in learning more about becoming a PostNet Master Franchisee for the country listed above.