Top 5 Reasons Franchisees Love Being Part of PostNet Franchise

PostNet franchise partners enjoy owning their Neighborhood Business Centers for a lot of reasons, but five things stand out

PostNet money making machine

As you investigate franchise opportunities, always ask a simple question: Do the people who own this particular franchise business enjoy what they are doing? In addition to owning a franchise that is financially rewarding, you also want to own a business that’s fun and engaging. (After all, who wants “numbing and all-consuming”?) Here’s a look at the top five reasons PostNet franchise partners love being part of the franchise system:

PostNet is consumer friendly but business and community focused

PostNet owners do a great deal of business with people who live and work near their Neighborhood Business Centers — especially when it comes to personal printing and shipping. But — and this is a big deal — the real opportunity with PostNet is in local business-to-business relationships. While your center will naturally attract walk-in customers, the PostNet system is uniquely positioned to provide printing, shipping and marketing services to small businesses. In fact, there is no other business that provides comprehensive, consultative services and solutions for small businesses. That’s the PostNet difference.

You can have a life and build something for your family

Unlike most food or retail businesses, PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers have sane hours of operation — typically 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday,  and a half day on Saturday. That means you can be home evenings and weekends instead of powering through the 16th hour of an endless workday. Many PostNet businesses are also family businesses. Husband-wife, mother-daughter and father-son teams are common.

It’s not a fad, flavor or trend

People and companies will always need to send and receive things, create high-quality materials and effectively operate and compete in the digital world. By being committed to evolving with technology and consumer needs, PostNet’s services will always be at the forefront of what customers want and need.

PostNet franchise owner James Cudney, second from left, helps guide small businesses in Vienna, Virginia.

PostNet franchise owner James Cudney, second from left, helps guide small businesses in Vienna, Virginia.

They make a positive impact

Because PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers are knitted into the fabric of their communities, they add value and help improve and enhance the businesses and lives they touch. PostNet is a business where you can and do make a positive impact in the community, and that matters to a lot of people.

The relationships within PostNet

PostNet’s culture, technology and communications platform enable and encourage franchisees to share ideas, build relationships and help each other. This is probably one of the most unique and rewarding aspects of being a PostNet franchisee.

The PostNet franchise opportunity

PostNet has 700 locations worldwide and has been ranked a top franchise opportunity by Entrepreneur magazine for 20 years in a row. We have also consistently won awards from Franchise Business Review for franchisee satisfaction. To learn more, fill out a form to download our free franchise report and start a conversation. You can also check out our research pages for answers to many questions about the PostNet franchise opportunity and visit our blog for franchisee interviews and news. We look forward to talking with you!