PostNet Receives Top Rankings for Franchise Development Website

Design, print, and shipping franchise recognized for site performance and design


PostNet’s franchise development website received top marks from for its strong design and site performance.

PostNet’s franchise recruitment website has been awarded top 20 status in franchise industry digital publication 1851’s Franchise Development Website Awards. ranked No. 12 in the list of top franchise recruitment websites. This recognition exhibits PostNet’s ability to deliver informative content that prospective franchisees rely on when they consider joining our franchise.

According to the 1851 website: “As a franchise brand known for helping small businesses and communities thrive, it is not a surprise that PostNet’s franchise website prioritizes site performance and design. Packed with great information and multiple places to request more, discovering what a PostNet franchise is all about is a breeze. Finally, with a fully functioning web-based franchise application, it has never been easier to get your own franchise dream started.”

“We’re really happy about the recognition,” says Chip Baranowski, PostNet’s Director of Franchise Development. “We’ve spent a lot of time and effort to make sure we’re able to provide a lot of content to prospective franchisees because we know with the advent of the web, a lot of franchisee prospects would rather do their own homework and engagement online before they talk to somebody at a specific franchise company like PostNet.”

The PostNet design, print, and shipping franchise makes life easier for local businesses by providing graphic design, marketing, printing, and logistics solutions that help them reach and win more customers. The range of services we offer makes us unique, as does the personal business relationship that our franchisees are able to offer fellow entrepreneurs in their communities. Thanks to our informative and intuitive franchise website, entrepreneurs interested in opening a PostNet franchise have access to the information they need in one convenient online location.

Franchise website offers a comprehensive online resource

A well-designed franchise development website can mean all the difference in franchise sales, and brands that understand this deserve recognition. PostNet’s franchise website is no exception, and our efforts in helping franchisees with their decision-making allows us to expand our reach in the design, print, and shipping industry.


PostNet scored high for its site performance and design on’s list of Top 40 Franchise Development Websites.

“With, we wanted to provide a lot of content with regards to who we are and what we do,” Chip says. “We are able to really get our messaging across about the tools and resources PostNet provides a franchisee, as well as the support you get, and who we are as a brand. We provide a wealth of information that makes people more comfortable engaging us in a sales process. We’ve seen great results in regards to better qualified candidates coming through to us.”

Additional support for franchisees

PostNet provides existing franchisees with a powerful website aimed at attracting new prospects while expanding the franchise’s footprint, but our marketing efforts don’t stop there. Our marketing team helps PostNet franchisees build a customer base with an aggressive plan that ensures your community knows who you are and what services you’re bringing to town. We’ll help you plan marketing and promotional activities during your first year as a franchise owner, which allows you time to master your business operations while also focusing on direct sales and establishing long-term customers.

Our comprehensive ongoing marketing support also includes:

National event promotions: PostNet coordinates promotions nationally, but the efforts are focused on generating sales for centers. We use a mix of strategies to attract attention to your center, including targeted direct mail, online advertising, contests, and sweepstakes.

Technology: PostNet uses its National Advertising Fund to improve customer relationship management tools and resources that enable franchisees to conduct sophisticated email marketing campaigns for their customer databases. PostNet also maintains an Integrated Marketing Center that gives franchisees access to a customizable library of reliable marketing materials for use in local marketing efforts.

Promotional items: PostNet provides franchisees with promotional items that can be given to customers during direct sales calls to keep your center top-of-mind.

Public relations and social media efforts: These efforts are designed to earn attention for centers both in traditional media and online. Our marketing team’s efforts ensure that you have a steady stream of targeted content to share with customers.

Targeted sales advice: Knowing how to communicate PostNet’s value to potential customers is critical. Wondering about the most effective way to approach a medical office, a law firm, a restaurant, or a school alumni association? Our marketing team has tip sheets to help you understand the most effective ways to communicate with many types of potential clients. Virtually every business in America can benefit from what PostNet has to offer, but not every business speaks the same language. We help ensure nothing gets lost in translation.

Learn more about starting a PostNet design, print and shipping franchise

Ready to learn more? You can read interviews with PostNet franchise owners on our blog and learn more about our business model by reading over our research pages. To request even more information, download our free franchise report.