Why the PostNet Franchise Is Stronger than Ever Before

Iconic printing, marketing solutions and design franchise continues to stay one step ahead of consumer demands

PostNet Printing and Marketing Franchise
Since our founding in 1992, PostNet has managed to remain one step ahead of consumer demands, leveraging technology and visionary leadership to deliver a business model that is profitable and sustainable over the long-term. The results? PostNet has grown to nearly 700 locations across 10 countries. Nearly 300 are in the United States, and our business model has been named a best-bet investment for 23 consecutive years by Entrepreneur magazine.

The PostNet of today is stronger than ever before. While PostNet began as a humble pack-and-ship business, PostNet has become a forward thinking printing, marketing solutions and design franchise that serves the 28 million small businesses across the United States.

“There has never been a more exciting time to franchise with PostNet,” says Steve Greenbaum, CEO and co-founder of PostNet. “In our 30-plus years as a franchisor, PostNet has never been more competitive than we are now. We’ve successfully evolved our business model to meet the relevant needs of consumers in the new economy, becoming a true local partner to small businesses. At the end of the day, we are in business to help other businesses succeed. The reality is, most small business owners have a lot on their plates, and that’s where we come in. Our franchisees provide a full range of back-office solutions — from design to distribution — that support their business and marketing objectives.”

Our range of services makes PostNet uniquely competitive

Small businesses are often and rightly referred to as the engine of the American economy, and their spending is a large part of the $380 billion combined annual spending on printing, shipping and online marketing. PostNet is poised to capture a significant share of this rapidly growing market segment. Not only are PostNet franchise owners operating their own small businesses within their communities, but PostNet is also the local partner for printing and marketing services for small businesses across the nation.
PostNet Printing and Marketing Franchise
As the leading printing and marketing solutions franchise, PostNet is a local ally for small businesses across the country and around the world. We offer a full menu of services, including graphic design, full-service digital printing, direct mail, signage, document binding and finishing, and ancillary business services, like private mailbox rental and more. Unlike traditional postal and mailbox franchises, PostNet has strategic partnerships with all of the major logistics companies — UPS, FedEx, U.S. Postal Service and DHL — offering a multi-carrier selection, coupled with in-center professional packaging services to meet the shipping needs of our customers.

Today’s customers expect convenience and speed. In addition to having a brick-and-mortar storefront in the community, our innovative Online Print Center platform allows our franchise owners to have a digital storefront – making it easy and convenient for customers to order and reorder printing jobs, 24/7. Once a client relationship is established, franchise owners create individual digital profiles for their clients, which store client materials and make them accessible to edit or re-order. The clients have access to their materials, which incentivizes repeat business.

“Our primary job is to solve problems for our customers,” Ken Rodes, owner of a PostNet franchise in Davidson, North Carolina. “The only way you’ll go out of business is when people run out of problems. We are entirely focused on an exceptional level of customer service, and that separates us from our competitors. When our customers walk out our doors, we make sure that they are confident that they have been taken care of. That makes our customers very loyal. This business is challenging, but you’re always going to be learning — which keeps you alert as a business owner.”

A low-cost investment opportunity with high potential returns

PostNet is a low-cost investment opportunity with a proven business model that offers high potential returns. The total investment necessary to begin operation of a PostNet franchise ranges from $169,767 to $212,275. PostNet is a substantially more affordable investment than several of our competitors, and our rapid buildout time allows our franchise owners to potentially hasten their return on investment. Once a site is selected, a new PostNet can be open in six to eight weeks. Our Online Print Center platform allows new franchise owners to begin selling PostNet services and earning a profit from the moment an address is selected for a new PostNet store — potentially quickening the return on investment even further and bringing in additional revenue beyond the sales made during normal business hours.

“The role of a franchisor comes with significant responsibility,” Steve says “People come into this organization every day from around the world. Our job is to help them be successful and ensure that their experience and relationships with the PostNet franchise family add value on all levels. As founder and CEO and the person who drives the strategic vision, making sure that our franchisees succeed is of paramount importance to me. Our franchisees invest real money, real heart and real soul — some of them leave careers — in the desire to improve their lives. We truly care about everyone and everything the PostNet brand touches.”

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Ready to learn more about PostNet franchise opportunities? You can read interviews with PostNet franchise owners on our blog and learn more about our business model by reading over our research pages. To request even more information, request our free franchise report.