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PostNet CEO Steve Greenbaum was interviewed by Quick Printing magazine

PostNet continues to attract media attention for its bold move to transform its business model, turning a business that started out as a consumer-focused pack-and-ship concept into a leading business-to-business printing franchise that offers a wide array of marketing services to small businesses. CEO Steve Greenbaum was interviewed recently by Quick Printing magazine editor Karen Hall.

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QP: It seems that in the past few years PostNet’s franchisees have begun to focus on adding print services. What is the strategy behind this and how does print fit with your traditional service offerings?

Greenbaum: We began offering print services in the ‘80s by partnering with companies like Carlson Craft and BCT, so basic print has always been a part of our traditional service offering. In the ‘90s we took advantage of digital capabilities and by early 2000 we were keenly focused on our print offering and expansion of our products, services, and capabilities. Print fits perfectly in our business because we serve such a large segment of small businesses and do so much personal printing through trusted local relationships. The advent of trade-only printers really allowed PostNet the opportunity to aggressively get in the game and compete with literally anyone in the space.

QP: In the average PostNet shop, what percentage of sales is made up by print-related services?

Greenbaum: Our Neighborhood Business Center model is 70 percent print-related services, but we are also experts in packing and mailing services, giving us a unique competitive advantage over others in the space.

PostNet co-founders Steve Greenbaum and Brian Spindel continue to lead the franchise, which has won numerous franchisee satisfaction awards

PostNet co-founders Steve Greenbaum and Brian Spindel continue to lead the franchise, which has won numerous franchisee satisfaction awards

QP: What types of print customers do your franchisees typically hope to attract?

Greenbaum: PostNet is primarily B2B focused and has become a friendly, trusted local resource for businesses, especially small businesses of every size and type. We’re passionate about small business and can provide technology, tools, and support to leverage the power of print and digital through integrated marketing strategies.

QP: What traits do you look for in a potential franchisee?

Greenbaum: We look for dynamic, outgoing team players that are inspired by helping others succeed. Since our model is consultative, ideal candidates are thoughtful, empathetic, and can successfully use the tools, training, and support we provide to build a business by helping others in their community.

QP: What’s next for PostNet?

Greenbaum: In keeping with our culture and customer philosophy, whatever our customers want and need is what’s next for PostNet. We are in the process of introducing a new mobile marketing platform and are exploring partnerships with a host of companies that want to bring their products and services to customers in communities all across the country through a friendly, trusted local channel. That’s PostNet. We are the business behind small business in America.

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