PostNet Franchise is Ahead of Americans’ Commitment to Small Businesses

The leading design, printing and shipping franchise helps small businesses thrive at a time when support for local businesses is at an all-time high

Americans love supporting locally owned businesses. While that shouldn’t come as a surprise, small businesses have long been rightly referred to as the engine of American economy and the gateway to the American Dream. What should surprise is that Americans are supporting their local small businesses more than ever in 2017.

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According to the press release for the 2017 , “an overwhelming number of Americans visit a local small business at least once a week, with slightly more than a quarter (27 percent) patronizing small businesses twice a week.” In fact, the study found that support for small businesses is so strong that only “8% of those surveyed said they do not visit small businesses on a weekly basis,” making the “overwhelming” majority the 92% of folks that do visit small businesses on a weekly basis.

“These survey findings show that Americans are overwhelmingly united in their support of small businesses regardless of the so-called things that divide us,” says Steve Rowley, executive vice president of Cox Business, in the press release. “Most consumers want to do their part in supporting the American workforce and economy and understand their collective patronage of these establishments is a key component of building stronger communities.”

While Americans are nearly unanimous in their support of small businesses, 82% of those surveyed believe that small businesses need to be supported even more by the government at-large and on the local level. Though, supporting small businesses and helping them grow and thrive is exactly where PostNet excels.

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“Our customers are everything from startup or emerging businesses to companies with 50 employees or more,” Brian Spindel, CEO and co-founder of PostNet, says on a recent interview on “Measured Thoughts,” a national radio program. “Our sweet spot as a brand is the four to 40 employee based company, which is really Small Business America. These companies don’t have the budgets to work with some of the larger marketing companies, so we serve as a marketing partner for our customers. ”

One of the core reasons why PostNet is a trusted resource for local businesses is because PostNet franchise locations are locally owned and operated, which means they too are small businesses themselves. The range of services that PostNet provides for our B2B customers, along with a unique consultative approach, makes PostNet invaluable in terms of how small businesses can effectively market to their community. Our franchisees are also meaningful members of their community, and are active in their local Chamber of Commerce, local business associations, and serve on boards of local nonprofits as well become heavily involved with charities.

This is exactly how John Lorenzo, PostNet’s youngest franchise owner, operates his business in Sicklerville, New Jersey. While his staff is taking care of the walk-in traffic at his center and completing the orders for his customers, John is out pounding the pavement, networking within his community to drive new business to his PostNet location.

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“I put into practice what I continue to this day; I hustle nonstop,” John says. “I didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I knew that my PostNet location was the best resource small businesses had for marketing services in the area. Slowly but surely, our reputation grew. I run my business like a marketing firm. I don’t sell a product; I sell solutions. Our consultative approach to service ensures that whatever our customer’s business challenges may be, we provide the personalized solutions they deserve. When a customer comes in with a new campaign, we start by asking them about the end goal; what are they looking to achieve. We do research, we ask questions and we follow up after the campaign has implemented. We want to make sure the customer has a big return on their investment; we are truly personally invested in our customers’ success.”

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