PostNet Franchise’s Customer Satisfaction Score Places it Among Elite Brands

Business services franchise customers consistently rave about the service they receive, which drives repeat and referral business for franchisees

postnet franchise

The industries PostNet serves are massive — $380 million among printing, shipping and online marketing.

At PostNet, we survey our customers after transactions to measure customer satisfaction, which is one of the major strengths of our brand. We even outperform iconic brands such as Apple, Netflix, and Microsoft in a key measure of customer satisfaction.

In the past year, we sent customer satisfaction surveys to more than 100,000 customers, and we heard back from more than 20,000. The vast majority rate their experience as 10/10 — and our Net Promoter Score, a key measure of customer satisfaction that rates customer love on a scale from 0 to 100, stands at 89 over the past 12 months.

“We are in business to help other small businesses establish their brand,” says Steve Greenbaum, CEO of PostNet. “The fact that our high marks for customer satisfaction lead to recommendations and referrals from our customers validates our usefulness to small businesses nationwide. At every PostNet business franchise location, we operate on tight deadlines and have to do excellent work with a quick turnaround. Our Net Promoter Score is proof of our level of service and shows just how much we are succeeding in doing great work for small businesses. Given that there are 27 million small businesses operating in America today, the potential for growth is huge.”

postnet franchise

PostNet is a great brand for extroverts who like to go out and meet people and are willing to pitch their services.

One of the key measurements in the Net Promoter Score metric is the likelihood that customers will refer a PostNet business franchise to someone else. Our high score reflects not only the level of satisfaction our customers find in our services, but that their appreciation of what we do extends to positive recommendations to other people. That high level of service and trust is especially important for PostNet customers, who continue to offer a major growth opportunity for PostNet.

PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers make life easier for local businesses by providing graphic design, marketing, printing, and logistics solutions that help them reach and win more customers. The range of services we offer makes us unique, as does the personal business relationship that our franchisees offer fellow entrepreneurs in their communities.

For Postnet business franchise co-owner Scott Harrington, who runs his business with his father in New Jersey, the level of customer satisfaction is felt day in and day out. Harrington’s customers are mostly small to medium-sized businesses with projects that need to be completed on tight deadlines.

“There aren’t a lot of options out there for the full spectrum of services that we provide,” Scott says. “In our center specifically, our team has more than 20 years of experience in dealing with small to mid-size businesses. Customers know that if they bring their job to us, it will get done right.”

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