PostNet Franchise Review: Meet Trent and Rachelle Turner

The nation’s leading design, printing and shipping franchise honors a couple for going and above beyond with an incredible act of generosity

Trent and Rachelle Turner opened their PostNet franchise two weeks after 9/11. The nation was reeling from the devastating attack on New York City, and while the media rightly focused on the lives of the victims and their families, the small town of Pueblo West, Colorado was grieving with the rest of the country.

For new business owners who were excited about their future, this was a strange time for beginnings. Small businesses in Pueblo West, like the rest of the country, suffered from a slow economy. But rather than turn to despair, Trent and Rachelle turned this experience into a time to dig their heels in and reached out to the PostNet franchise family for help.

“It was a slow start,” Trent says. “We were struggling with everything – but we reached out to our peers in the PostNet franchise network and they gave us advice as to what to do. It was invaluable at the time, because we had not expected to begin our business in a bad economy. The advice our peers gave us worked – and slowly, the economy began to come around and our business started to really grow in the second and third year.”

Postnet franchise owners with their staff

Having the support of a group of peers and the guidance and leadership of an executive team is the reason the Turners’ decided to franchise in the first place. This is the very reason why franchise businesses are much more durable in the marketplace than independently owned mom and pop businesses. In fact, the U.S. Department of Commerce reports that 95% of franchise businesses are still open after five years, while only 47% of independently owned businesses keep their doors open after the five year mark.

“We didn’t want to do it alone,” Rachelle says. “The PostNet franchise family is really tightknit, and it’s very common for us to share best practices with each other because we’re all in this together. We made it through the Great Recession together, and we’re still growing, not only in our own businesses, but the PostNet brand is growing. I would say our franchise is full of people who are incredibly passionate about their businesses and about PostNet as a whole.”

The level of support that the Turners display for the PostNet franchise family was recently exemplified in an extraordinarily generous act of kindness.

“We got to know Andy Collins (Director of Franchise Support & Print Operations with PostNet) over years, and I always liked him,” Trent says. “When I found out his daughter was sick with Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1), which is a terrible genetic disorder, we started to talk less about business and started talking from one dad to the other. His daughter went to the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and Tim Tebow (the former NFL star) was her date. I printed out a big canvas print of them together and gave that to Andy as a gift. But Rachelle and I wanted to do more.”

The Turners quietly launched a Go Fund Me page to raise money to offset the staggering medical bills Andy was facing to get his daughter the treatment she needed. They shared it with the PostNet franchise network and the HQ team, and in no time, they raised $30,000 dollars.

“It’s truly amazing how the PostNet family responded to the needs of one of their own,” Trent says. “I couldn’t believe how generous our franchise network was – it’s a once and a lifetime chance to get to help somebody at this level. Andy’s wife told me that after he received the check, he could just be with his daughter as a father and that meant the world to me. The stress of having to think about bills was gone. What an amazing thing to be able to do for someone.”

PostNet honored Trent and Rachelle at our annual Thrive Conference in April with The Coogle Award, which was established for franchisees who go above and beyond to help their peers. The Turners also received two more awards, The Care for the Whole Award and the Franchisee Choice award.

“It’s nice to be honored by the executive team and by our peers,” Rachelle says. “But we’re really just grateful to be able to do something profound for someone else. It’s what being a part of PostNet is all about.”

When you ask them, Trent and Rachelle are most excited about the future. After 15 years in business, they are still dreaming big.

“We want to keep growing,” Trent says. “We’re focused on making the next four years in our business the best they’ve ever been. We’re confident we can achieve our dreams because PostNet has the best support staff that we’ve ever had since we’ve been in business. We think the future will be incredibly bright.”

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