PostNet Franchise Review: Meet Tony and Lindsey Gervacio

Married couple are driving business to their local printing and shipping franchise by taking an active role in their community

Tony and Lindsey Gervacio are living their values as they grow their local PostNet franchise in their hometown of South Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The married couple and parents of four young children, are living and breathing PostNet, growing their business so that they can continue to give back to their community.

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After working in the area for several years, Tony at a Cadillac Dealership and Lindsey at the county sherrif’s office, the couple came upon PostNet for the first time when Lindsey “grew tired of putting people in jail,” and needed a new opportunity. She went to work for a nearby PostNet franchise in the small city of Norman.

“We were living with my parents at the time, as we were building our house and my father said, ‘Isn’t PostNet a franchise? Why don’t you just open one on your own,’” Lindsey recalls. “When we investigated the brand more fully, and met with the leadership team, we knew that we could be successful with PostNet. The center where I worked in Norman was very successful, but it was more of a pack-and-ship business. The leadership team explained to us that the future of PostNet was directly serving the small business communities by providing a range of solutions that would allow us to network and be creative. That sounded exactly like what we wanted to do.”

The couple opened their center in 2013, and hit the ground running. As the only two employees in the store, the couple smartly grew their business by establishing meaningful relationships with their customers, as a result of constant and continual networking that continues to this day. Tony is extremely active in both the South Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce and Moore Chamber of Commerce, and often officiates ribbon cutting ceremonies for new small businesses opening up in the area.

“We take turns as to who goes out and networks on a daily basis,” Tony says. “Because it’s just the two of us, we sit down every morning and make a plan for the day. We’re getting new business all the time, but it’s essential that all of our customers become repeat customers. The only time we’re cold calling is when the seasons change, for instance, we know that right now, lawn care companies are beginning to advertise their services, so we’re going to call them and see if they need anything. We’re so new that we cannot wait for someone to walk in through our doors, we need to go out and bring the business to us.”

Lindsey adds that while they primarily serve small business owners, they get to know them personally as well, which comes in handy when those clients needs birthday or wedding invitations printed.

“We always upsell,” Lindsay says. “Because PostNet offers a wide range of services, chances are, our clients often don’t know the full scope of what we can do for them until we ask. For instance, if a new local restaurant needs menus printed for a new restaurant, they will also need help with advertising and marketing. One of the best parts about this line-of-work is that we get to consult with local businesses, and help them market effectively. We work with them to create direct mail campaigns, banners, you name it. Once we’re involved with a business, we get to stay involved by following up with them and checking in. It’s very rewarding.”

The Gervacios’ measure their success in part by how much they are able to give back. The couple is committed to several area nonprofits, especially those concerned with helping local children.

“I’ve been on the board of Bethesda Inc. in Norman, which is a nonprofit that helps children who have been sexually abused – we do anything they ask of us,” Lindsey says. “We have four children, so it’s vital for us to give back, be it time, money or the services of our center. One of the things that keeps me going everyday is the thought that we’ll be so successful that we’ll be able to give back more and more over time.”

As their business continues to blossom, the couple plans to stick with PostNet for the long haul. Their commitment to their customers, to their small business peers and to the community as whole is who they are at their core and why they’re winning new business with ease.

“We strive to be genuine, to be real, and that starts with the photo that people see when they search for us on Google – they see a photo of us,” Lindsey says.

“It’s all about letting your clients know that you really care about what they need,” Tony says. “We want to make sure that our clients genuinely enjoy their experience with us.”

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