PostNet Franchise Review: Meet Russ Caccamisi – Franchisee of the Year

The nation’s leading design, printing and shipping franchise awards longtime owner with a Rock n’ Roll past with its highest honor

Austin, TX is home to one of the biggest music scenes in the country. People young and old flock to the rapidly growing Texan capital not only for annual festivals such as South By Southwest (SXSW) and Austin City Limits, but also to live full-time in a city where the arts and music create an inspiring, dynamic atmosphere. In a town as vibrant as Austin, it’s not uncommon to discover that the man running the local PostNet location played in one of the seminal bands of the 1960s’, and a group that charted an international smash hit with, “The Letter,” in 1967.

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While Russ Caccamisi, owner of the PostNet franchise in Austin, no longer plays with The Box Tops, he still can be seen carrying his bass guitar to the clubs around Austin, to accompany local guitar heroes and notable blues players as they come through town.

“I still play professionally,” Russ says. “Austin is a great place to live, and it’s even better to live here if you play music because there’s so much to be a part of. It’s also a great place to own a business. The population continues to grow at a tremendous rate, there’s new construction everywhere you look, and we’ve been able to do really well with PostNet, as our business never seems to slow down.”

Russ launched his PostNet business eight years ago, after decades in the software industry, growing businesses and selling them, and began what he jokingly refers to as his “unsuccessful retirement.” Never one to sit around, he started looking for a business he could own and run with his children.

“I gave them a proviso: no food, no booze, and no inventory,” Russ says. “They came up with the idea of printing and shipping, and it just so happened that a friend of mine at the local country club was the owner of the PostNet. We agreed to meet up for lunch so that I could pick his brain, and before lunch was over, we were shaking hands on the business. I knew that it was going to be great fit for us, and that turned out to be exactly right.”

Russ was a natural fit for PostNet. The iconic business model largely depends on how active a franchisee is in their community, in order to connect with small business owners and emphasize how their PostNet can benefit their business. Russ has the type of outgoing personality that makes friends easily, wins trust, and has the attention to detail and exceptional customer service that builds lifelong customer relationships and encourages customers to tell their friends.

“With all the construction that’s going on in Austin, it’d be a real missed opportunity not to go out and meet the builders and new business owners,” Russ says. “I enjoy doing this, but honestly, word of mouth and referrals from our customers is how we generate most of our new business. The part of town that we are in is very well-to-do, so if you stress great customer service and get all the details exactly right, you’re going to win them over. Customers have high expectations in our area but so do we, and that matters more than anything.”

This attention to customer service continues to pay off. Russ is consistently one of the highest performing franchisees in the network, placing in the Top 10 systemwide for several consecutive years.

Russ is equally active in the PostNet Technology Committee, and has given invaluable insight and input into the vetting and deployment of the brand’s technology initiatives. His contributions are one of the reasons as to why PostNet honored Russ with our highest honor, Franchisee of the Year, at this year’s Thrive conference in Denver, CO.

“It was quite an honor,” Russ says. “I was very humbled and grateful to be recognized in such a way!”

While Russ is focusing on growing his business to the point that his children can one day take over, he has wise words for new entrepreneurs looking into the PostNet opportunity:

“The new leadership is an extremely positive development,” Russ says. “As long as franchisees select the right location and focus on customer service, this is a great business – and it is especially great for families. It brings you together and it gives you something to build together. What could be better than that?”

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