PostNet Franchise Review: Meet Mark Nunn

How a long military career prepared a veteran for a successful business with the premier printing, marketing and shipping franchise

When Mark Nunn entered the U.S. Navy in 1984, the dream of becoming of an entrepreneur hadn’t yet entered his mind. The country was in the midst of a cold war with Russia, and Mark was on board a nuclear-powered submarine, working as the vessel’s reactor operator. Little did he know that 30 years later, the skill set he acquired after a long and distinguished career in the U.S. military would lead him to a new chapter as a PostNet franchise owner in Atlanta, Georgia.

postnet franchisee mark nunn

PostNet franchise owners come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and personal histories, experiences, religions and races, but even in a rapidly growing network composed of hundreds of franchise owners, Mark’s story is truly special. During his remarkable tenure in the navy, Mark spent a total of eight years in tight quarters on board a submarine, served in both of the wars America fought against Saddam Hussein, the Gulf War in 1991 and the Iraq War in 2003, and was stationed abroad internationally for long periods of time away from his family.

“I was in the navy for two decades, beginning in 1984 and ending in 2007,” Mark says. “The experience took me on a career path that gave me a set of skills that I use in my new life as a PostNet franchise owner — the ability to problem solve, to hold myself accountable and the ability to be a leader.”

When Mark left the navy, his skill set as a nuclear reactor operator led to a successful career as a civilian working in management and consulting at various nuclear power plants across the country. With Mark’s family continuing to grow, the traveling from power plant to power plant began to make him think about changing his line of work.

“I have five children and 11 grandchildren, so I wanted to work close to home,” Mark says. “I was also starting to think about my legacy. I wanted to leave something to them.”

Joining the PostNet franchise family

When Mark began investigating potential business opportunities, a few things were clear: 1) Mark wanted to join a franchise; 2) Mark wanted a simple business to operate, with low overhead and a small staff; and 3) Mark wanted an executive team that knew what they were doing. After briefly looking into the UPS Store, Mark happened upon an episode of Undercover Boss, starring PostNet’s visionary CEO and co-founder Steve Greenbaum. Shortly after the episode ended, Mark opened his PostNet location in downtown Atlanta.

“I saw that episode, and I was sold on PostNet,” Mark says. “Watching the show, you get a sense that Steve is the real deal, and when you meet him, he doesn’t let you down. He is passionately supportive of the PostNet franchise network. Both Steve and Brian [Spindel, President and co-founder of PostNet] are accessible to help you when problems arise or if you want to pick their brains. They are determined to help you succeed.”

PostNet’s exceptional track record of over two decades as a franchise system has shaped a business model that is easy to run and easy to scale, making us a perfect fit for first-time entrepreneurs. Each PostNet location is owned and operated by a local business owner, which means we understand first-hand the day-to-day challenges small business owners face and are personally invested in the local partnerships we serve. We are a local business partner that truly cares about our customer’s success by delivering the right solutions that meet their printing, shipping and marketing needs.

“PostNet is extremely easy to run, especially when compared to other franchises,” Mark says. “My business has grown substantially since I opened last year. I’m at a point where I need to hire another person just to help with the production side of things. This will also help me get out of the store and start marketing PostNet directly to the small business community.”

Are you a veteran interested in owning a PostNet franchise?

Dozens of veterans own PostNet design, printing and shipping franchises, and PostNet is eager to have more veterans join our team. Our franchise system offers veterans an excellent new career, and we work hard to honor their service by working hard to offer them the support they need to succeed.

PostNet is part of the International Franchise Association’s VetFran program, which encourages franchise systems to offer discounts to honorably discharged veterans who want to start a business. PostNet offers veterans a 35 percent discount on our franchise fee — a savings of more than $12,000.

PostNet is a low-cost investment opportunity with a proven business model that offers high potential returns. The total investment necessary to begin operating a PostNet franchise ranges from $169,767 to $212,275. PostNet is a substantially more affordable investment than several of our competitors, and our rapid build-out time allows our franchise owners to potentially quicken their return on investment. Once a site is selected, a new PostNet can be open in six to eight weeks. Most importantly, our innovative Online Print Center platform allows new franchise owners to begin selling PostNet services and earning a profit from the moment an address is selected for a new PostNet brick-and-mortar store — potentially quickening the return on investment even further.

Learn more about starting a PostNet franchise

Ready to learn more about PostNet franchise opportunities? You can read interviews with PostNet franchise owners on our blog and learn more about our business model by reading over our research pages. To request even more information, request our free franchise report.