PostNet Franchise Review: Meet Apolonio Cedano

Printing, marketing and shipping franchise owner uses his multicultural background and his skills in business to succeed

PostNet is proud to have one of the most culturally diverse franchise systems in the entire franchise industry, and we continue to welcome entrepreneurs with multicultural backgrounds find success with PostNet.

One of our brightest new franchisees is Apolonio Cedano, owner of two PostNet centers in the popular Sunrise area of Florida. Cedano is a driven, passionate owner who is implementing the proven PostNet business model to great effect in his two businesses. The secret to his success is in taking his long-term expertise as a marketer and salesperson in the chemical industry in Venezuela and applying his skills to the PostNet business model.

“When I was looking at investment opportunities, I knew that I wanted to invest in a franchise and find a business that was relevant to my background,” Cedano says. “Being a foreigner in America, having the support of a franchise system was especially important because a franchise system has the knowledge you need to succeed in a new industry. After looking at many franchise systems, PostNet emerged as the brand that was the most relevant to my own skill set, and after speaking to the executive team and learning more about the brand, I felt confident I could succeed.”

When Cedano was ready to make the leap into joining the PostNet brand, he decided to mystery shop the PostNet Center closest to his home. While he expected only to learn about the PostNet customer experience firsthand, he walked out of the center with the plans to buy out the owner.

“I always say that I bought my first PostNet Center by accident,” Cedano jokes. “I went there with the intention of learning more about how PostNet operates, and when I met the former owner, I told him that I was about to open my own PostNet Center nearby. He told me that he was looking to retire, and I thought that this was too good of an opportunity to pass up. I was always going to open a new center, but having this fall into my hands was incredibly lucky. The location was great, and we could get started building up the business very quickly.”

Cedano completely took hold of his role as the owner of his new business. In the PostNet business model, owners operate like CEOs of their centers. This means that after hiring a highly competent, well-trained staff, the owner’s time should be spent outside of the business, networking in the community, leading local marketing efforts and building lasting relationships with small business owners who are always going to need the services that PostNet excels in providing.

“To succeed in this business, you really have to be out there networking to build up a customer base,” Cedano says. “There are so many businesses in the nearby area that need our services, and it’s far beyond the tourism industry. There are real estate companies who need marketing campaigns or brochures, there are local restaurants, and the list goes on. We’re at the point right now where a large number of customers come from referrals.

“The trick is to hire the right people who are capable of exceptional customer service,” Cedano says. “So as a business owner you have to train your people properly, and you have to trust them to do a great job. I’m very careful about how I hire because customer service is the most important thing in this business. Every customer needs to have a positive experience when they visit us because that is how you win more business.”

As Cedano looks forward to growing his second PostNet location, he has some sage advice to entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in PostNet:

“You have to be prepared to work hard,” Cedano says. “But if you’re interested in a printing and shipping business, PostNet is the best out there, because we do so much more than any other business. We have access to more revenue streams, and our service is highly relevant. No matter where you are in the country, small businesses especially are going to need the services that PostNet provides.”

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