PostNet Franchise Is a Perfect Fit for First-time Entrepreneurs

Iconic printing, marketing and design franchise is an easy-to-run and easy-to-scale business with high potential returns

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Ever dreamed about going into business for yourself? There has never been a better time to open a PostNet franchise. Our exceptional track record of nearly 25 years as a franchise system has shaped a business model that is easy to run, easy to scale and is the rare low-cost investment opportunity with potential for high returns. PostNet franchise owners come from diverse professional backgrounds and demographics, but one thing is clear: PostNet is a brand that exemplifies the power of the American entrepreneurial spirit.

With minimal buildout costs and a low initial investment of a $35,000 franchise fee, PostNet is the ideal fit for a first-time entrepreneur. PostNet franchise owners receive first-rate support that is ongoing — from helping to select the perfect location and negotiating a lease to providing resources to help your business quickly grow. Because PostNet was founded on a set of core values that has guided our growth to nearly 700 locations across the globe, our franchise owners and our executive team are passionate, devoted and determined to help their peers succeed. At PostNet, We Care for the Whole.

“This is a brand that is for both the creative young professional and seasoned executive alike,” says David Sparks, VP of Franchise Development with PostNet. “The fact that the demographics of our franchise owners are so diverse across age, race, gender and professional backgrounds is part of the proof that we’re onto something truly special in the franchise industry. Our business model enables people to run their businesses as the CEOs of their own companies, to network in their communities and to use their creative skill set to provide first-rate solutions to their customers. PostNet is a brand that is making a real difference. At its very core, PostNet is a brand that exemplifies the American Dream and the American success story.”

PostNet franchise owners help their small business communities thrive

Small businesses are often and rightly referred to as the engine of the American economy, and they make up a large part of the $380 billion combined annual spending on printing, shipping and online marketing. PostNet is poised to capture an outsized share of this rapidly growing market segment; not only are PostNet franchise owners operating their own small businesses within their communities, but PostNet is also the local partner for printing, marketing and design services for small businesses across the nation.

As the leading printing, marketing and shipping franchise, PostNet is a local ally for small businesses across the country and around the world. We offer a full menu of services, including graphic design, full-service digital printing, direct mail, signage, document binding and finishing, and ancillary business services, like private mailbox rental and more. Unlike traditional postal and mailbox franchises, PostNet has strategic partnerships with all of the major logistics companies — UPS, FedEx, U.S. Postal Service and DHL — offering a multi-carrier selection, coupled with in-center professional packaging services to meet the shipping needs of our customers.

“We really are our small business community’s local partner for marketing services solutions,” says Sharon Foster, co-owner of a PostNet franchise in Charleston, South Carolina. Businesses of all types come to us for help, advice and high-quality work. They are usually amazed at what we can do for them. We do menus, fliers, you name it. We even help our small business owners with their marketing budgets. We get very involved, we establish relationships with our customers and keep track of their successes. If they thrive, so do we. It might sound like common sense, but as a small business owner, the best way for us to advertise is to make sure that every customer leaves us with a smile. If they do, not only will they come back, but they will also tell their friends about us.”

Ready to join the PostNet franchise family?

After kicking off the year with exciting center openings in California, West Virginia,
Connecticut, Georgia, New York and Texas, the iconic brand’s outlook for the rest of 2016 is strong. Throughout the year, PostNet will continue executing its strategic growth plan, expanding the brand into untapped and existing markets, domestically and overseas.

“The role of a franchisor comes with significant responsibility,” says Steve Greenbaum, CEO and co-founder of PostNet. “People come into this organization every day from around the world. Our job is to help them be successful and ensure that their experience and relationships with the PostNet franchise family add value on all levels. As founder and CEO and the person who drives the strategic vision, making sure that our franchisees succeed is of paramount importance to me. Our franchisees invest real money, real heart and real soul — some of them leave careers — in the desire to improve their lives. We truly care about everyone and everything the PostNet brand touches.”

Learn more about starting a PostNet franchise

Ready to learn more about PostNet franchise opportunities? You can read interviews with PostNet franchise owners on our blog and learn more about our business model by reading over our research pages. To request even more information, request our free franchise report.