PostNet Franchise Owners Thrive in Their Local Communities

The nation’s leading design, printing and shipping franchise owners are driven to help their small business communities succeed

Postnet is a much different opportunity than the traditional shipping businesses or printing businesses of yore. While other brands hang up a sign and wait for customers to walk through their doors, PostNet franchise owners take on a more active role in their communities by networking with their small business communities in order to win new business.

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Taking an active role within a small business community is an essential part of the the award winning PostNet business model. PostNet franchise owners operate like CEOs, who seek to build meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with their small business peers, who in turn need a lot of help with marketing their businesses effectively.

Marketing is one of the biggest challenges small business owners face, and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles that seek to give small business owners advice as to how to develop an effective marketing strategy. This is where PostNet excels. As the local partner for marketing services solutions for small businesses, PostNet franchise owners take on a consultative approach with our clients that goes far beyond what our competition can offer.

“We really are our small business community’s local partner for marketing services solutions,” says Sharon Foster, co-owner of a PostNet franchise in Charleston, South Carolina. “Businesses of all types come to us for help, advice and high-quality work. They are usually amazed at what we can do for them. We do menus, flyers, you name it. We even help our small business owners with their marketing budgets — we get very involved, we establish relationships with our customers and keep track of their successes. If they thrive, so do we. It might sound like common sense, but as a small business owner, the best way for us to advertise is to make sure that every customer leaves us with a smile. If they do, not only will they come back, but they will also tell their friends about us.”

Entrepreneurs like Sharon, who are passionate about the success of their communities, is exactly the type of person PostNet is seeking to recruit. Our rapidly growing network of franchise owners are outgoing, personable, driven to take on meaningful roles in their local Chamber of Commerce, sit on the boards of local nonprofits, are active in local networking groups, in order to drive business to their stores.

This drive to be involved is the reason why Becky Murphy-Hatosy, a PostNet franchise owner in the small town of Paragould, Arkansas, has been successful for several years.

“I’ve always been a people person,” Becky says. “I like to be involved and stay involved, and being a PostNet franchise owner has allowed me to contribute to my community in a meaningful way. In a small town like this, it’s easy to reach out and be appreciated for reaching out – and being that the PostNet business model is built on community outreach to win new business, it is my duty to do it. My PostNet is a hub for Paragould, and we rely on each other to succeed.”

The range of services that PostNet offers also plays a vital role in the success of our brand. There are three categories in which we operate – printing, marketing and shipping – which provide PostNet franchise owners with multiple revenue streams and our customers with a one-stop-shop for all of their marketing, shipping and printing needs. In order to become even more accessible to our customers, PostNet launched the Online Print Center, a 24/7 platform that allows customers to have access to the entirety of PostNet’s menu of services with just a few clicks on their smartphone.

“Each PostNet location is owned and operated by a local business owner, which means our franchise owners understand firsthand the day-to-day challenges small business owners face and are personally invested in the local partnerships they serve,” says Brian Spindel, co-founder and CEO of PostNet. “PostNet franchise owners are local business partners for the local business community; people who truly care about their customers’ success by delivering the right solutions to meet their printing, shipping and marketing needs.”

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