How Do PostNet Franchise Owners Support Each Other?

The nation’s leading design, printing and shipping franchise is a tight-knit community of franchisees who actively reach out to help their peers

There is no better way to tell the success of a franchise system than to ask the franchisees if they are happy in their businesses. PostNet is proud to report that our rapidly growing franchise network is extremely tight-knit and supportive, with all of our franchisees working towards the same goal – making PostNet the leading design, printing and shipping franchise in the communities we serve.  

Postnet franchise owners at training

The fact that the PostNet franchise network is so tight-knit has everything to do with the core values that have guided our company since we emerged as a franchise system in 1993. Nearly 25 years later, PostNet has a culture that celebrates “Caring for the Whole,” the idea that every franchisee isn’t in business alone. Instead, PostNet franchisees actively help each other, visit with each other and get on the phone to discuss best practices.

Perhaps no other PostNet franchisees better exemplify this idea than Pier and Polly McBride, owners of a PostNet franchise in Sunnyvale, CA. When they go on vacations, they make it a point to drop in to their fellow franchisees’ centers and catch up, talk shop and hang out. Pier and Polly also host a few parties every year where they invite nearby PostNet owners and their employees for an evening of fun and socializing.

“We got support when we started, so it’s our responsibility to give back,” Pier says. “Polly and I enjoy helping – she was a principal [before PostNet] so she is a natural teacher, and throughout my career, I’ve always tried to be a mentor to my employees. It’s part of our nature, but also it’s fun – when you help somebody it’s a good feeling, and that alone is a reason to do it. We did not know that our names were going to be called at the Thrive franchise conference for the Chairman’s Award, and we were honored to be recognized by other franchisees and the executive team for the energy that we give. It was a very a special night.”

The idea that PostNet franchisees are meant to support each other isn’t limited to peer-to-peer relationships with franchisees. The PostNet HQ team actively works with its franchisees to develop and deliver new programs and initiatives that help franchisees increase their profitability and efficiencies of operations at their centers.

In the past few years, PostNet has made significant investments in new technology to help our franchisees win a larger share of their local markets. While PostNet is known for our collaborative, face-to-face approach to problem solving, PostNet recently launched the new Online Print Center to give customers 24/7 access to the same high-quality products and services they have come to expect from visiting PostNet’s centers in person, making managing their print projects even more convenient.

Even more recently, PostNet became the first franchise system to offer virtual mailbox solutions to businesses and consumers. By partnering with the leading virtual mailbox companies in the industry, Anytime Mailbox and iPostal1, PostNet customers* can view and manage their physical mail or packages from their mobile device or computer – anytime, anywhere.

These efforts are the results of a collaborative approach between the HQ team and our franchise network. Russ Caccamisi, owner of the PostNet franchise in Austin, works hand in hand with the PostNet Technology Committee, alongside many of his franchisee peers, to ensure that franchisees have a voice in any new initiative PostNet rolls out.

“The new leadership is an extremely positive development,” Russ says. “They really value our input, and they want to make sure that their initiatives align with what makes sense for our businesses.”

This level of support between franchisees and the HQ team often extends outside of the business. In one stunning example, Trent and Rachelle Turner, PostNet franchisees in Pueblo West, CO, quietly came to the aid of Andy Collins, a longtime PostNet HQ employee. Andy’s daughter was approaching another major surgery as a result of her  rare genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1) that is known to develop tumors throughout her body, and the Turners launched a Go Fund Me page to raise money to offset the staggering medical bills Andy (and his wife) was facing to get his daughter the treatment she needed. They shared it with the PostNet franchise network and the HQ team, and in no time, they raised $30,000 dollars.

“It’s truly amazing how the PostNet family responded to the needs of one of their own,” Trent says. “I couldn’t believe how generous our franchise network was – it’s a once and a lifetime chance to get to help somebody at this level. Andy’s wife told me that after he received the check, he could just be with his daughter as a father and that meant the world to me. The stress of having to think about bills was gone. What an amazing thing to be able to do for someone.”

*Virtual mailbox services are currently available at participating PostNet locations.

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