PostNet Franchise Owners Recognized for Commitment to PostNet Family

The nation’s leading design, printing and shipping franchise honors longtime franchisees for their active commitment to helping their peers succeed

PostNet is a unique franchise system, in the sense that our franchise owners are truly a tight-knit family that are actively committed to the success of their peers. As a rapidly growing brand with a long history of continued innovation and evolution, PostNet is made up of longtime owners who gladly devote their own time to mentor new franchisees, take part in franchisee committees to help the HQ team to launch new strategic programs and initiatives, and meet with each other to exchange best practices.

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For Pier DelFrate and Polly McBride, a married couple who have owned their PostNet franchise for eight years in Sunnyvale, CA, supporting their peers and mentoring new franchisees is what makes our brand so special. It is fitting then, that PostNet honored Pier and Polly at our annual Thrive conference with The Chairman’s Award, which is given to franchisees who generously donates their time to help their peers, as well as strive to actively live by one of our core values: Caring for the Whole.

“We got support when we started, so it’s our responsibility to give back,” Pier says. “Polly and I enjoy helping – she was a principal so she is a natural teacher, and throughout my career, I’ve always tried to be a mentor to my employees. It’s part of our nature, but also it’s fun – when you help somebody it’s a good feeling, and that alone is a reason to do it. We did not know that our names were going to be called at Thrive for The Chairman’s Award, and we were honored to be recognized by other franchisees and the executive team for the energy that we give. It was a very a special night.”

Pier and Polly originally didn’t have plans to join a franchise system. Pier left a long career as a VP of Marketing for a software company to start a photography processing business while Polly was still serving as a principal in a nearby school district. When people stopped coming in to get their photos developed, Pier and Polly began looking for opportunities that would allow them to stay successful as small business owners. Not long after they discovered PostNet, they converted their photography business into a PostNet franchise and haven’t looked back.

“We got on the phone with Brian (Spindel, President, COO and Co-Founder of PostNet), and we were immediately impressed,” Pier says. “We wanted the flexibility to still offer our photo developing services, and Brian along with the rest of the executive team were very supportive of that idea. Most franchise systems are very black and white, but PostNet gives their franchisees the freedom to be entrepreneurs. They understand that we’re in our communities, and all communities are different. PostNet is also extremely supportive in helping you ramp up and get your doors open, and they remain supportive once you’re established. They are always available to offer assistance and guidance of any kind. We knew pretty fast that PostNet was the right fit for us.”

Taking their new roles as franchisees seriously from the minute they signed the franchise agreement, Pier and Polly became active in the franchisee committees on technology and profitability, working closely with the management team at HQ to help launch new initiatives, increase profitability and make the business model simpler and easier to scale.

“The executive team is so supportive and enthusiastic about working with franchisees on an ongoing basis,” Polly says.  “This is not something that is new – they have always valued our input. They know we’re in the centers with our customers, and they encourage to give them feedback on what is working and what needs to be different. We help them with new technology initiatives and  marketing campaigns, and share ways to refine the business model. They put our needs at the center first, and that is what really makes PostNet so unique in the franchising industry.”

Pier and Polly live and breathe PostNet. When they go on vacations, they make it a point to drop in to their fellow franchisees’ centers and catch up, talk shop and hang out. Pier and Polly also host a few parties every year where they invite the nearby PostNet owners and their employees for an evening of fun and socializing.

“We do this so we can share ideas,” Polly says. “Every time we visit with one of our peers, we come away with at least one great idea that we can implement in our center. We also just love to see our fellow franchisees – we genuinely like them and respect them. There is never any sense of competition with other franchisees – it’s a family atmosphere, and we’re all in this together. In turn, at our center, we take the time to make our PostNet a fun place to work. We listen to our employees, we coach them and give them our time. This improves our customer service as well, and it’s just the right way to run a business.”

As far as their business is concerned, Polly and Pier are as engaged as ever. They belong to several community organizations, and are constantly networking in their community to build relationships with local small business owners. The result is evident in that their business continues to grow year after year.

“When we started, we wanted to break even in our first year,” Pier says. “In year two, we wanted to make a profit, and in year three, we wanted to go on vacation. We have been growing every year since then, and we’re still as excited about the future as ever!”

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