PostNet Franchise Grand Opening in Buckhead Signifies Era of Growth for Atlanta Area

Why the iconic marketing services franchise is poised to become the go-to resource for Atlanta’s thriving small business community

More than 100 members of the affluent Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead gathered for the grand opening of a new PostNet location to welcome Franchisee Kevin Center to the community. Atlanta is one of the nation’s most dynamic spots for entrepreneurial activity; opening a new PostNet location in the city will help fulfill demand for marketing services needed to help Atlanta’s small business community thrive for years to come.


Kevin Center, PostNet Franchisee and Area Developer for the Atlanta region, celebrates the opening of his marketing services franchise in Atlanta’s affluent Buckhead neighborhood.

According to the Atlanta Sun Times, the city holds the estimable position of having the second-highest percentage of small businesses in the country, making it the ideal environment for a PostNet franchise. PostNet offers a range of business marketing services, including printing, signage, direct mail, logistics, digital strategy and graphic design.

“This is a very exciting time to be part of PostNet,” says Kevin Center, who owns the PostNet franchise in Buckhead and also serves as the Area Developer for the brand in the greater Atlanta area. “The economy has really started to turn around and business is booming, particularly for small businesses here in Atlanta. My goal as the Area Developer for PostNet is to build the brand presence in and around the city. With 25 to 30 centers on the horizon for the Greater Atlanta area, the opening of the Buckhead location will help us to become a name brand in Atlanta. This is a city where small businesses are at the center of the action, and PostNet is a symbol of that action.”

PostNet CEO Steve Greenbaum flew in for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony, which also featured NFL Hall of Famer and legendary entrepreneur Fran Tarkenton, who is a huge proponent of entrepreneurs through his multiple businesses under Tarkenton Companies.

Prior to Fran’s appearance at the Grand Opening, he joined Steve and Kevin on the Atlanta airwaves for an interview on Atlanta Business Radio, where Fran talked about his enthusiasm for PostNet and the need for PostNet’s services in the small business community:

“For several years, I have been mentoring and tutoring entrepreneurs to do the one thing they have to do to succeed. Do you know what that is? They have to have revenue,” Fran says on the program. “Everything that PostNet does is to support the small business owner in marketing their products, selling their products and delivering their services. Kevin is a professional business consultant. He is there to help small business owners solve problems. There are 520,000 startups in this country every month. There are 27 million businesses with 1 to 10 employees. Small business owners can come into PostNet any day and find really knowledgeable people who can help them grow their businesses.”

Why PostNet franchises will thrive in the Greater Atlanta Area

The need for small business marketing solutions in the city of Atlanta is tremendous. According to its website, the U.S. Census Bureau counts 50,996 businesses in the city — and there are many small and midsize businesses in Atlanta that are in need of a PostNet franchise location to support them.

Small business owners must juggle a variety of functions to help their businesses succeed. Marketing is one of those functions, but it’s a responsibility with which many small business owners struggle because they lack the knowledge, the skills, or the time to create professional-looking materials and execute a strong marketing strategy. PostNet takes on much of that burden by providing expert guidance, executing marketing plans, and helping them gain visibility, which allows businesses to focus on their core services.


Kevin Center, left, is PostNet Franchisee and Area Developer for the brand in the greater Atlanta area. He is with PostNet CEO Steve Greenbaum at the grand opening of PostNet’s new Buckhead location.

The grand opening of the PostNet location in Buckhead signifies the strategic growth planned for the entire Atlanta region over the next decade, where the iconic brand will become the B2B franchise of choice for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners in cities as far south as Macon and as far east as Athens. The new location in Buckhead is the fourth Atlanta-area center to open in the market.

“PostNet small business owners like me are in business to help other small businesses succeed,” says Kevin, who is a native Atlantan. He grew up down the road from the Buckhead storefront. “We provide them with a full range of solutions — from design to distribution — that supports their business and marketing objectives.”

PostNet marketing services franchise helps small businesses succeed

Under Steve Greenbaum’s visionary leadership, the PostNet franchise has evolved from its early pack-and-ship origins into a go-to resource for a rapidly growing number of the 27.9 million small businesses in the United States. Success of small businesses is of paramount importance to the growth of the American economy, and according to Forbes, small businesses employ more than 50% of the American workforce. PostNet’s mission is to help small businesses thrive, making it the rare franchise system that has both a proven business model and a noble purpose.

“As a result of the growth of small businesses, we’ve had an incredible amount of inquiries for our franchise throughout the country, but we never lose sight of our vision. We are very thoughtful and strategic about where and how we grow to make sure we grow effectively and efficiently,” Steve says. “Clearly we are very focused on the Atlanta market. This is the second-fastest-growing market for small businesses in America, and we see this region as a very exciting opportunity for PostNet to really spread its wings.”

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