PostNet Franchise Gives Website a Revolutionary Redesign

New upends traditional franchise website structure by putting franchisees first

PostNet has launched a revolutionary redesign of our main website, The redesigned site is expected to boost customer loyalty for franchisees, better educate business owners about all the ways local PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers can help them grow, and increase lead generation and sales for franchisees.

How the new site is different

Most franchise sites have a similar structure: They describe the services offered nationwide and offer a link to help customers find a location. Once a customer clicks the “locate” link, they are taken to a simple webpage with a few details about a specific franchisee. The local information is pretty thin.

With the new website, we are providing a much more robust web presence for our franchisees and are putting them center stage. When customers first visit the site, they are prompted for their location. From that, the site generates a list of nearby PostNet centers. Once the customer selects a center, the site transforms into a full-featured, customized site that is specific to an individual franchisee. Even better, every time the customer goes back to, their browser will automatically load the customized website. The franchisee’s site “becomes” for returning customers.

The new website is also designed to look great and function well on mobile devices.

“Our franchisees build strong relationships with their customers — they are the face of the brand in their communities, and it makes sense for them to be the face of the brand online, too,” says CEO Steve Greenbaum.

Business advantages of the new design

The new website design has several advantages for franchisees. The customized web presence provides franchisees with greater search engine visibility. Robust SEO is built into the architecture of the new site in a way that will enhance local marketing efforts for franchisees, which should lead to more sales. Also, since customers will see the customized site during subsequent visits, customer retention should be boosted. That’s great for everyone — customers are usually eager to work again with franchisees who have served them in the past.

“The changes make the site much better,” President and COO Brian Spindel says. “We expect it to have a significant impact.”

Learn more ways PostNet is supporting franchisees

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