PostNet Franchise Expands Small Business Week to Entire Month

The leading design, printing and shipping franchise to host events supporting local small businesses from April 8 – May 6

National Small Business Week is a reason to celebrate at PostNet. As the leading design, printing and shipping franchise that focuses on helping small businesses thrive, PostNet is expanding the annual weeklong celebration of small businesses, sponsored by the Small Business Association of America, from April 30 to May 6, into our own annual monthlong celebration at our our locations across the country.

PostNet franchise owners will host networking events in their centers from April 8 – May 6  in order to help bring their local small business communities closer together. The unique ability to be the center of a small business community is where PostNet excels. Our franchisees are passionate advocates of small businesses, and our core focus as a brand is helping local small businesses to thrive, grow and expand through our full-menu of marketing, branding and consultation services.

“We’re filling the void for convenient and high-quality graphic design, printing and shipping services that are essential to the success of startups and established small businesses,” said Brian Spindel, CEO and co-founder of PostNet. “It’s rewarding to know that we are helping to build economic prosperity in communities across the country [and the world] by supporting entrepreneurism.”


Beyond our range of services and our ability to help the 28 million small businesses in the United States launch successful marketing campaigns and professional branding solutions, PostNet franchise owners are small business owners themselves. This is important, as our franchise locations are owned by entrepreneurs who have clear ties to their community. Our franchisees are local allies of their small business peers; they know their local markets, they join their local Chamber of Commerce, they serve on boards of nonprofits, and they work passionately to grow their own businesses by helping the businesses around them to grow.

“We really are our small business community’s local partner for marketing services solutions,” says Sharon Foster, co-owner of a PostNet franchise in Charleston, South Carolina. “Businesses of all types come to us for help, advice and high-quality work. They are usually amazed at what we can do for them. We do menus, flyers, you name it. We even help our small business owners with their marketing budgets — we get very involved, we establish relationships with our customers and keep track of their successes. If they thrive, so do we. It might sound like common sense, but as a small business owner, the best way for us to advertise is to make sure that every customer leaves us with a smile. If they do, not only will they come back, but they will also tell their friends about us.”

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