PostNet Franchise Customer Review: “You get a better one-on-one relationship”

Plumbing company relies on PostNet’s renowned customer service for getting quality postcards and mailers.


As the owner of a North Carolina plumbing business, Don Glovan has a challenge: Two-thirds of his business comes from repeat customers, but to earn all his repeat business, he has to find a way to earn an initial phone call and visit. The residents of Buncombe and Henderson counties, thankfully, don’t need a plumber every day — but when they do, he wants them to call his Mr. Rooter franchise.

To keep his locations in the back of local residents’ minds, Glovan leans on the services of a nearby PostNet franchise in Asheville, N.C., run by Bill Merwitzer. We recently spoke with Glovan to learn about his experience as one of Merwitzer’s regular customers.

Tell us about your business.
I had previously owned my own plumbing business but was looking to get into doing just service work, and Mr. Rooter offered that package. So about 13 years ago, my wife and I started, just her and I, and we had a zero customer base. We’ve had as many as seven trucks on the road and 15 employees. Although that number has gone down, we are still doing the same amount of business. We assist homeowners with their plumbing emergencies. While we don’t do any new construction work, we are licensed and can do anything. If you’ve got pipes, we can make them work.

What are your customers like?
About two-thirds of our work is repeat business, and the rest are new customers.

How did you hear about PostNet?
Bill Merwitzer began driving by our office quite a bit. He’s a very outgoing guy, and he’d stop by and chat. He’d leave behind brochures. We eventually began trying PostNet about three years ago, and we’ve developed a friendship over time. We are in a couple of business groups together. For instance, there’s a restaurant vendor group. About 20 of us meet every two weeks to update each other on what’s going on in the area and look for opportunities to refer each other to customers. We have an insurance company, a waste-hauling company, a grease-recycling company, and of course a plumbing company, and PostNet. Bill can print menus or flyers or mailers or whatever there is that a restaurant needs.

What types of services do you need from PostNet?
We use PostNet for business cards, postcards, and forms that our plumbers use when they’re on site.

How has PostNet helped you with marketing?
Because we provide demand service, customers have no need for us until they need us. So our marketing is more branding than anything else. When the need arises, we have put the image in their mind.

How is the service at PostNet?
It’s more personalized. You get a better one-on-one relationship.

Could you give an example?
I can compare PostNet to the services we are offered by Mr. Rooter. There have been times when I’ve asked Bill, “How is your pricing on this?” And he says, “How much are they charging?” And when I tell him, he’ll say, “I can’t touch it. They’re just mass producing those for a bunch of franchises, and they’re just personalizing them a little bit for your local customers. There is no way I can compete with printing hundreds of thousands of those when you need only 5,000 of them.”

So he takes the time to explain why a particular price won’t work for him.
He understands that sometimes it’ll work and sometimes it doesn’t. But when we’ve used them, they have been very good and have taken care of us. They make sure things are always right.

How often do you use PostNet?
We use them about once a quarter.

What is a recent job you have done with PostNet?
For our current campaign, we needed 5,000 cards printed up, and we’re dropping 500 per month. These let previous customers know it’s time for their annual plumbing checkup. We have received phone calls, about 2 percent to 3 percent return as far as people calling back, which is relatively high for direct mail.

How much of the mailer did PostNet do you for you?
They designed the postcard. I have to get it approved by corporate, to make sure we have followed the brand style, and then PostNet took care of fulfillment. I just have to provide them with the contact information.

Anything else you could share with us about working with Bill?
It’s always a pleasure working with him. He’s a very personable man. Personality is very key when you’re working with someone for their services.

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